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Support For NGOs
The Government pursues a policy of social partnership and actively promotes the development of institutions of civil society. Under the Non-Profit Non-Governmental Organizations Act, the Government supports the activities of NGOs with subsidies, grants, and procurement of social services.

At present, there are over 5,100 NGOs in Uzbekistan; 2.5 times more than in 2000. The number of citizens’ gatherings and the self-governance bodies exceeds 10,000.

The National Association of Non-Profit Non-Governmental Organizations was established in June 2005 to represent NGOs’ interests in their relationships with State bodies. An NGO Support Fund has been established to be managed by the Parliamentary commission under the Oliy Majlis.

So far, Uzbekistan has adopted over 200 legislative acts consolidating and safeguarding the activities of NGOs, as well as enhancing the role of civil institutes, to include the Civil Code, the Voluntary Associations Act, the Non-Profit NGOs Act, the Voluntary Foundations Act, the Property Owners’ Associations Act, the Local Authorities Act, the Local Authorities (Election of Presiding Officers) Act, the Non-Profit NGOs (Safeguards) Act, and the Charities Act. Chapter XII of the Constitution is devoted in its entirety to civil society organizations.

In accordance with the Constitution, the State guarantees the observance of the rights and legitimate interests of civil society associations and ensures that they have equal legal opportunities to participate in public life. Interference by State bodies and officials in the activities of civil society associations, as well as interference by such associations in the activities of State bodies and officials, is prohibited.

Article 57 of the Constitution “prohibits the creation and operation […] of civil society organizations established for the purpose of changing the constitutional order by force, impairing the sovereignty, integrity and security of the Republic and the rights and freedoms of its citizens under the Constitution, making propaganda for war or social or religious enmity or enmity between nationalities and races, or undermining the health and morality of the people, as well as militarized organizations […] operating under the banner of a nationality or religion.”

President Karimov also called for the development of a package of acts, which would constitute legal foundations for NGOs’ participation in addressing priority issues in healthcare, environment, employment, social support of needy families, and other vital social problems.

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