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Physical Education and Sports

Government of Uzbekistan considers fostering a physically robust and spiritually mature younger generation as one of its top priorities. To meet this goal, GOU is paying a special attention to the development of youth sport. In October 2002 a Children’s Sports Development Foundation was established under the President of Uzbekistan, which is designed to be the principal initiator of physical and sports activities among children and teenagers. To this date Foundation completed building about 1500 sports facilities for children.

For the last 20 years in total 6,000 sports and recreation facilities have been constructed and overhauled to include tennis courts, soccer play-fields and stadiums, swimming pools and gyms. In 1991 there were about 4,400 sports facilities. Today this number exceeds 8900.

As a result the youngsters’ sport has become a truly nation-wide phenomenon. Within the last four years the number of teenagers going in for some sports has grown from 29 up to 35 %, and among girls from 24 and 31 % respectively.

To involve girls in sports, to create for them conditions for regular training are important tasks in the development of children's sports. This issue occupies a special place in the implementation of the state program “Healthy mother - healthy child”.

A special attention is paid to popularization of rhythmic gymnastics among women. The number of girls involved in rhythmic gymnastics has tripled over the last two years. It is worth noting that female athletes made up the third of the total of over 500 young Uzbek athletes participating in 42 international competitions in 2010.

A Presidential Decree dated April 1, 2010 to encourage female coaches employed in children's sports facilities in rural areas became important factor for more female involvement in sport, especially in rural areas. As a result, the number of women coaches has increased more than 1.6 times just in 2011 alone.

A three-tier system of youth sport games has been developed to hold sport games at middle and high school, as well as university students’ levels.

Since the Independence Uzbek athletes have won more than 6,700 various medals at the Olympics, World and Asian Cups, other major championships and international competitions. At the Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Sydney, Athens and Beijing, representatives of our country won 4 gold, 5 silver and 8 bronze medals. Uzbek sportsmen participate in the Asian Games, in which they won 53 gold, 83 silver and 96 bronze medals.

Uzbekistan became a regular venue for prestigious events and competitions of international level, such as the World Cup in rhythmic gymnastics and judo, Asian freestyle, Greco-Roman wrestling, weightlifting, power-lifting, etc.

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