February 26, 2016
February 25, Tashkent, Independent Institute for Monitoring of Formation of Civil Society (IIMFCS) held its annual conference on the topic \"Qualitative and quantitative changes in the development of civil society in Uzbekistan\".

It was attended by members of the Senate and the Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis of Uzbekistan, representatives of public and government organizations, leading research and educational institutions. Also present were the heads of the diplomatic corps and international organizations accredited in the capital. The course of events was followed by the journalists of national and foreign media.

The main objectives of the conference were acquainted with the results of the activities of the nymphs in the past year, in-depth discussion of the current state and prospects of development of civil society in our country, to develop recommendations for the further deepening of reforms in this direction.

A report on this subject made by the Director of the IIMFCS G.Abdukarimov. He noted that the results of monitoring studies conducted by specialists of the Institute in 2015 show a steady increase in the role and importance of civil society in a democratic modernization of the country, a steady increase in the level of political and legal awareness of citizens, especially young people. This, as international experience shows, is an essential condition for the formation of a strong civil society.

Today Uzbekistan has developed and successfully implemented the optimal model of cooperation between the state and civil society. In this regard, it stressed the importance of adopting the Law \"On social partnership\". As a result of implementation of its provisions on the ground established by the Commission to improve the accountability of representative and executive bodies for the formation and free development of civil society institutions, the creation of additional organizational and legal conditions, economic and legal guarantees to ensure their active participation in democratic reforms.

Appreciation is given the state support for the work of NGOs, the media and other institutions. Thus, in this area in the last eight years, from the state budget allocated more than 47.7 billion soums. Steadily growing number of non-state non-profit organizations involved in grant competitions held by the Public Fund for Support of NGOs and other civil society institutions under the parliament of the country. If in 2010 the number of participants of competitions totaled 275, in 2015 this figure reached 528.

They separately marked achievements in the field of improvement of mechanisms of public control over the activity of state bodies, ensuring transparency of their operation, timely inform the public on the progress of reforms in the country. In this context, particular importance is the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan \"On the openness of public authorities and governments.\" The adoption of this legal act was an important step in strengthening transparency of state institutions, intensify the participation of citizens in managing the affairs of state and society, as well as a full implementation of their constitutional right to receive information.

With a view to the effective execution of the Act established the Public Council composed of members of parliament, representatives of non-governmental organizations and the media. Today, this structure is designed and put into practice \"transparency index\" of public authorities and management, one of the criteria of which is the degree of cooperation with the media.

Conference participants stressed the positive dynamics of development of the media, which have become an effective mechanism of public control, to ensure transparency and openness of the reforms. On their pages more and more increasing number of critical and analytical materials covering topical issues of socio-economic development of regions, need to be addressed. In this regard were presented and the relevant statistical data. Thus, if in 2012 the press published 659 such articles, but last year the figure was 3564. The basis of the analysis, as reported by the nymphs experts, the content was taken 450 of the most significant national and regional publications.

The meeting also provides information about the increase in the activity of political parties in the socio-political and socio-economic life of the country. The activity of supervision over the activities of executive authorities significantly strengthened parliamentary group of local representative bodies. Representatives working in the country of political parties in 2014, sent a deputy inquiries in 1598, and in 2015 their number reached 3505.

The conference was presented the report of the Nymphs \"Development of civil society in Uzbekistan in 2015\", which reflects the basic trend of strengthening the role and importance of civil institutions, including political parties, citizens\' self-government bodies, NGOs in the country.

In an interview with Jahon I.A. foreign diplomats attending the event shared their views on our country\'s progress in this area.

In particular, Head of the UN Office of Education, Science and Culture Organization (UNESCO) in Tashkent Krista Pikkat noted that the conference was a good opportunity to discuss the current state and prospects of development of civil society in Uzbekistan.

- In today\'s world it is important that every citizen knew their rights and obligations, taking an active part in managing the affairs of society through representative bodies, and various associations, she said. The country made significant steps in this direction, some of the results we were able to learn in the course of today\'s event. They are encouraging and reflect the commitment of Uzbekistan to democratic progress.

According to K.Pikkat, UNESCO is of great interest to the process carried out large-scale reforms in Uzbekistan and is ready to contribute to the development of the private sector of the country. To this end, regular trainings for representatives of NGOs and the media. Great emphasis is placed on improving the environmental awareness of citizens as an important factor of public control in the field of environmental protection and public health.

Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland to the Republic of Uzbekistan Christopher Allan said that he with great interest got acquainted with the presented information at the conference about the current development of the civil sector of the country.

- In spite of the relatively short period of work as Her Majesty\'s Ambassador to Uzbekistan, I was able to learn a lot about the progress made in this area. Republic is successfully implementing the principle \"From a strong state - a strong civil society\", which is manifested in the creation of favorable conditions for formation of features of independent, sustainable and enjoying the support of the general population of diverse institutions. Worthy of attention is also such events as today, thanks to which developing constructive dialogue between state and society.

In turn, the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the People\'s Republic of China in the Republic of Uzbekistan Sun Lizi praised the effectiveness of activities aimed at increasing the participation of NGOs and associations in addressing socio-economic issues.

- In recent years we have seen a significant simplification of the registration of NGOs and their accountability, improvement of mechanisms of their interaction with government agencies. These measures have contributed not only to increase the number of non-profit organizations, but also to further enhance their role in the implementation of democratic reforms in the country, the development and implementation of important state programs, the diplomat said.

In general, the consensus of the conference participants, the event was held in the spirit of open dialogue and free exchange of views. According to the results of the recommendations have been taken to further strengthen the role of civil society institutions in democratic renewal and modernization of the country.

(Source: Jahon Information Agency)


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