February 16, 2016
Fractions hear report on activities of Ombudsman
Meetings of factions of political parties and the deputy group of the Ecological Movement of Uzbekistan took place in the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis. Issues which were introduced in the agenda of the forthcoming meeting of the lower house of parliament have been considered, in particular, the Ombudsman\'s activity report in 2015, submitted by the Commissioner of the Oliy Majlis for Human Rights, was discussed during the meetings.

The Head of state at a joint session of the new Parliament stressed that in the context of constitutional reforms the work of the chambers of the Oliy Majlis must be built on a new basis, and above all the factions and deputy groups, on the implementation of parliamentary control over the activity of state bodies, unconditional execution of laws, the most important state programs of socio-economic and socio-political development.

Parliamentary control is an important part of the activities of members of the lower house of parliament. Ensuring the rule of law, improving legal awareness of citizens, improvement of legislation and law enforcement practice require the strengthening of the control function of Parliament over the execution of laws and decisions of the lower house at all levels.

Giving constitutional status to parliamentary control as an important part of the powers of the deputies of the Legislative Chamber and the factions of political parties, of course, requires increasing the effectiveness of parliamentary control and the introduction of new methods of its implementation. As the President of the country stressed out it must become part of the daily activity of each deputy.

Institute of the Commissioner for Human Rights of the Oliy Majlis (Ombudsman) is an important tool in the implementation of parliamentary control over ensuring human rights and freedoms, effective feedback mechanism. The practice of an annual discussion of the Ombudsman\'s report allows considering in detail the law enforcement process, how citizens feel in their daily lives about socio-political, socio-economic and judicial-legal reforms carried out in the country.

Representatives of the factions were unanimous in the opinion that the report of the Ombudsman comprehensively incorporates information on the implementation of all the rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan. It thoroughly covers all the major events, legislative and regulatory innovations in the field of human rights and freedoms which were introduced in the country during 2015. The report also contains statistical data, results of analytical studies of the effectiveness of law enforcement practices, proposals for further improvement of the legal framework to ensure the rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of citizens.

Deputies noted a number of qualitative changes in the structure of the report, which enabled each political party factions and deputy group of the Ecological Movement to identify areas of work which would help ensure comprehensively rights of the social strata of the population that they represent.

Comprehensive discussion allowed studying in depth the information provided, drawing some conclusions and generating proposals that will serve to further improve the implementation of parliamentary control.

Thus, members of the Movement of Entrepreneurs and Businessmen - Liberal Democratic Party of Uzbekistan underlined that based on recommendations submitted by the party on the basis of the discussion of the previous report Ombudsman paid particular attention to the protection of private property, the rights of entrepreneurs and farmers, as well as the course of realization of the Decree of the President \"On measures to ensure reliable protection of private property, small business and private entrepreneurship, the removal of barriers to their rapid development\" dated May 15, 2015 and the laws adopted in the framework of its implementation.

- Our faction in the lower house of parliament represents the interests of the representatives of the real sector of the economy - said a member of the faction Sh. Bafaev. - On the basis of the Ombudsmanís report we evidenced a clear trend on reducing the numbers of citizens\' appeals in connection with the intervention of government in the activities of businesses. Moreover, there is a high demand for access to preferential credit resources in the business environment for the development of family businesses and farms. We believe it is necessary to strengthen the work on the establishment of consulting and engineering firms, organizations to assist in the preparation of feasibility studies for credit projects, as well as the insurance business.

Participants at the meeting of the faction also underlined the importance of further strengthening the cooperation between the committee of the lower house of parliament with the Ombudsman in terms of exchange of information in the implementation of control and analytical activity of the parliament, the implementation of this work on a regular basis.

Meanwhile, members of the Democratic Party of Uzbekistan \"Milly Tiklanish\" stressed the work of the Ombudsman carried out in the execution of parliamentary control over the implementation of programs in the field of education, the application of the decision of the Senate of the Oliy Majlis on amnesty in connection with the 23 anniversary of the Constitution of the country.

It was also emphasized at the meeting that the representatives of the Ombudsman in the regions take part in the public monitoring of uniform and strict observance of the constitutional and legal provisions related to the implementation of the amnesty act. Issues of social protection and adaptation of persons released from punishment are also under the supervision of the Ombudsman.

At the same time, the faction noted the importance of further strengthening the role of regional representatives in monitoring the implementation of legislation at places.

Members of the fraction of People\'s Democratic Party of Uzbekistan particularly noted that over the past year, the Ombudsman implemented a set of measures for the protection of social rights of citizens, including pensioners and people with disabilities, workers of budgetary organizations, representatives of the social sphere - the electorate of the party, said member of the fraction Sh. Mamajanov. - The Commissioner participated in the implementation of parliamentary control over the execution of the state social-humanitarian program \"The Year of attention and care for the older generation\" adopted at the initiative of the President of the country.

Measures to protect the family, motherhood and childhood became an important aspect of the activities of the Commissioner. In this regard, the Ombudsman cooperated actively with the Women\'s Committee, \"Kamolot\" PYM, \"Mahalla\", \"Nuroniy\", \"Soglom Avlod Uchun\" funds and other institutions of civil society, using their wide humanitarian potential in ensuring the rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of citizens.

Ombudsman made proposals to improve the regulatory framework in the field of child and senior citizensí rights. The party expressed willingness to discuss them fully with experts, specialists and representatives of civil society institutions.

In turn, members of the fraction of Social Democratic Party of Uzbekistan \"Adolat\" emphasized that the most important task of the party is the widespread introduction of the principle \"fairness is the main criterion of our life, justice for everyone.\" In this regard, according to deputies of the party, the Ombudsman should play an increasingly important role in our society. Participants of the meeting noted the importance of further liberalization of the judicial-legal system, to ensure its transparency, equality of all participants in the judicial process.

- Institute of the Ombudsman carrying out activities to address complaints and restore violated rights of citizens contributes to further development of the rule of law, - says member of the fraction M. Kurbanbaev - Our faction is a supporter of further strengthening the role of the Ombudsman in the system of parliamentary control over the activity of law enforcement bodies, the effective implementation of reforms in the sphere of liberalization of judicial-legal system.

In this respect, it is important to strengthen cooperation with the Parliament when undertaking control and analytical measures at places, the introduction of the practice of regularly informing the Houses of Parliament on appeals received from citizens which affect personal rights and freedoms of citizens.

In general, members noted that each year the report of the Ombudsman cover more areas, as a result efficiency of the control functions increases.

It should be noted that detailed discussion by the deputies of new convocation and fractions of political parties in the lower house of the report of the Commissioner of the Oliy Majlis for Human Rights (Ombudsman) has allowed analyzing more deeply his activities, developing effective proposals to strengthen parliamentary control over the implementation of laws and other normative-legal acts at places, as well as improve the activity of this institution in the field of protection of human rights and freedoms.

Following the debate, the fractions developed their positions on the issue (taking into account the objectives defined in the election platforms of parties and voters\' interests) and made appropriate decisions.

(Source: UzReport.uz)


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