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Energy Sector
Currently, over 50 percent of generating capacities of the Central Asian United Energy System are concentrated in Uzbekistan. This system also includes energy systems of Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Southern Kazakhstan.

The State Join Stock Company Uzbekenergo is a regulatory body of the electric energy and coal industry. At this stage, the company is comprised of 54 enterprises and organizations in charge of design, construction and assembly, operation and maintenance. The industry is staffed with over 55,000 people.

The installed capacity of the country's power stations amounts 12.4 million kW (including SJSC Uzbekenergo - 12.0 million kW). The share of departmental power stations does not exceed 3 percent.

The bulk of electric energy (up to 90 percent) is produced at 10 thermal power plants with a total installed capacity of 10.6 million kW.

Twenty-nine hydropower stations with a total capacity of 1.4 million kW operate within the Company. The length of electric grids of all voltages exceeds 238.5 thousand km.

The leadership of the country pays close attention to issues of the energy sector development. The Resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan (N PP-1442 dated 15 December 2010) On the Program for the Industrial Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan for 2011-2015 stipulates for key areas of the industry's development until 2015 envisaging implementation of 44 investment projects totaling over 5.2 billion U.S. Dollars.

Upgrading of the Tashkent combined thermal power plant aimed at the introduction of three gas turbine installations (GTI) with a capacity of 27 mW each has started.

A model project Increasing Energy Delivery through Introduction of High Performance Cogeneration Gas Turbine Technology are underway in partnership with the Japanese State New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) and Tohoku Electric Power Company.

The implementation of the investment project designed to expand Navoi TPP through the construction of a combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) with a capacity of 478 MW is ongoing.

High energy efficiency of the CCGT with energy generation of 2.4 billion kWh will allow reducing specific fuel consumption throughout the plant.

There is a plan for expansion of Talimarjan TPP through installation of two combined cycle gas turbine units with a capacity of 450 MW each. The commissioning of CCGT units in 2014 will double the plant capacity and ensure a reduction in specific fuel consumption.

Activities concerning the switching of power generating units N 1-5 at Novo-Angren TPP over to year- round coal combustion with the view of reducing natural gas consumption for energy generation have started.

The implementation of the project will enable an increase in coal use proportion from 4 percent in 2008 to 9% in 2015 (from 2.2 to 5.2 million tons) and achieve savings of 825 million cubic meters of natural gas per year.

There is a plan for installation of a power generating unit with a capacity of 150 MW with an introduction of a modern technology of low-grade fuel at Angren TPP to allow using about 1.0 million tons of coal with 45 percent ash content at the plant.

Cost of construction is 150 million U.S. Dollars funded through foreign loans.

For the purpose of gaining skills of using the wind capacity, there is a plan to set up an experimental wind power plant with a capacity of 750 kW during this year. The estimated electric energy production output is approximately 3 million kWh.

The project value is 1.85 million U.S. Dollars.

At this stage, there are activities to measure wind parameters at the selected sites in different regions of the country.

The Company is paying close attention to upgrading the electricity metering system through the introduction of Advanced Metering Infrastructure.

There is a plan for installation of nearly 4.5 million modern electricity meters at the company's electric grids and individual consumers.

Estimated project value is 134.1 million U.S. Dollars. The Loans of the ADB and the World Bank will be attracted for the implementation of this project.

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