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Electrical Engineering Industry
Uzbekistan, as known, is the most industrially developed country of Central Asian region. Electrical engineering is one of important industries of the county.

Enterprises of this field are united into Association Uzeltekhsanoat, which was established in 1994 through re-organization of the then Uzbek State Concern of Radio, Electronic and Electrical Engineering Industries and Device Production Radioelektrontekhpribor. Today, the Association has 23 member- enterprises of different forms of property, operating in electrical engineering industry. Among them, also, there are successful enterprises with foreign investments.

In particular, in the system of Uzeltekhsanoat, there are 3 enterprises producing cable and conductor products (more than 1,000 types of cables and wires), 6 enterprises on production of industrial- technological products (transformers, substations, switchboards, elevators, different components and junctions for other industries), 11 enterprises on production of compound electronics and radio- technical products (modern models of TVs, household and industrial refrigerators, ACs, electrical teapots, irons and etc.) and 3 enterprises on service and maintenance.

For the last several years, growth rates of electrical products in the country relatively have increased. For example, the value of the products of the enterprises of the association produced in 2010 comprised in valid prices US$ 344 million or 126% versus 2009.

Export of the products of the industry in 2010 comprised US$ 97.7 million. Projectiontargetwasmetby108.7%. Outofallproduction, 33.9% wereexported.

In the context of implementation of State Investment Program for 2010, US$27.61 million of investments were disbursed.

Today, electrical engineering industry of Uzbekistan is one of the most attractive areas for investments due to the following key factors:
  • steadiness and sustainable growth of the industry;
  • available rich natural resources. The country has huge reserves of copper, gold, silver, silicon, silica and other materials, as well as raw materials for production of plastic and other components used in high tech electrical engineering productions.
  • convenient geographic location in the centre of Eurasian continent, that provides significant export opportunities for electrical engineering products made in Uzbekistan.
  • the country has firm base of highly qualified human resources and professionals in electronic, technical/ technological, electrical and production areas. Number of educational institutions, including branches of international universities, educates engineering-technical staff for the industry.
In the framework of State Program of Diversification of Export in 2009-2012, the industry is observing sustainable growth rates of exports. The enterprises of the industry intend to annually increase exports mainly through launch of production of new products and access to new customer markets, including:
  • modern cable and conductor products;
  • high and low voltage devices;
  • different types of home appliances and electronics;
  • crystalandceramicproducts;
Current volumes of production of enterprises operating in Uzbekistan in the field of production of compound electronics do not satisfy the needs of the local market. Within CIS, there is no large scale production of home appliances and/or electronics, meeting modern quality standards.

The majority of the demand in the markets of our region is satisfied through import that creates favorable environment for establishing profitable production of electronics in Uzbekistan and further access to neighboring markets.

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