June 10, 2016
Aziz Abduxakimov makes report at International labor conference
The Minister of labor of the Republic of Uzbekistan made a report on the 105th session of the International labor conference. In his report, Aziz Abduxakimov informed the participants about the work carried out in Uzbekistan in accordance with the fundamental principles of the ILO.

Turning to the issues of employment of the population, the head of the Ministry of labor noted that sustainable economic growth rates (not less than 7.5% annually for the last 10 years), has created new opportunities for solving this problem, which is a priority for the government of Uzbekistan. Just in 2015, the country ensured the recruitment of over 980 thousand citizens of the Republic, including 480 thousand, those who entered the labor market for the first time - graduates of colleges, lyceums and universities. At the same time, particular attention in the Republic is paid to youth, willing to open their own business. To this end, commercial banks actively issue preferential micro-credits.

In addition, the participants were informed about the adopted and already implemented in our country a special Action Programme for 2016-2018 on improving conditions of labor, employment and social protection of workers in the agricultural sector. This program was developed and approved by the Government and the social partners in close cooperation and consultation with the experts of the International Labor Organization and the World Bank.

In this programme, particular efforts have been made to further improve the national legislation in the sphere of labor norms and standards, development of conditions and the establishment of best practices on the recruitment of agricultural work, improvement of the feedback mechanism, as well as expanding outreach for labor rights and social protection of workers.

Measures on diversification and mechanization of the agricultural sector, including the accelerated introduction of mechanized cotton harvesting, which have actively been implemented in Uzbekistan are an important aspect of this Programme.

In his speech, the Minister of labor stressed that the Ministry in cooperation with the social partners over the past three years has successfully been implementing the Country Programme on decent work, developed with ILO assistance. This program includes the agreed priorities, targets and indicators in three strategic areas:

a) strengthening social partnership in the labor sphere;

b) implementation of active employment policy;

c) improvement of working conditions and social protection of the population.

Thus, it can be stated that Uzbekistan, with the active support of ILO, takes active measures to ensure full and productive employment, health and safety, labor rights and guarantees, within the framework of ILO Conventions, ratified by the Republic of Uzbekistan.

In his speech, the Minister of labor also said that Uzbekistan supports proclaimed in the report of the \"Initiative of the century\" strategic goals and objectives of the ILO, aimed at creating decent jobs, the efficient organization of work and enhance its quality, development of the social partnership.

(Source: UzReport.uz)


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