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Obtaining documents from Uzbekistan
Lost or invalid documents and certificates on specific matters can be obtained from the Republic of Uzbekistan through the Consulare Section of the Embassy of Uzbekistan. You can receive a Questionnaire form at the Consular Section during business hours (Monday through Friday from 10 AM till 12 PM).

Two copies of the form must be filled out and submitted to the Consular Section for further processing.

The fee is US $30 for citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan, and US $70 for foreign citizens. Payment accepted in advance in form of Money Order payable to Embassy of Uzbekistan. If the records are not found, you will receive the letter on unavailability of the requested documents. The fee is non refundable.

You can also download the Questionnaire form receive by fax or by mail. To receive it by fax, call (202) 530-7291. If your have a thermal fax machine, make a copy of the received form on hard paper and fill it out by printing in Uzbek (Russian). To receive the form by mail, send a letter enclosing a self-addressed postage paid return envelope.

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