December 12, 2016
With his decrees, the First President of our country Islam Karimov, in connection with the 25th anniversary of independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan, had awarded a group of our compatriots, who made a great contribution to the development of the country, displayed selfless dedication to the consolidation of peace and harmony, achieved successes in the socio-economic, scientific-technical and spiritual-enlightenment spheres of the life of society, with high awards of the nation: honorary titles, orders and medals.

A gala presentation of high government awards was held at the “Uzbekistan” Palace of International Forums on the 7th of December.

“I am very happy to meet with you today, my dear ones, in this holiday and elated mood,” said President-Elect of the country Shavkat Mirziyoyev. “Let me from the bottom of my heart to express you my deep respects.

“As you all know, many good traditions have emerged in our country during the years of independence.

“Our today’s meeting is a continuation of those traditions. Such wonderful events, as you all are well aware about, had started to be conducted at the initiative of the First President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov.

“A big group of our compatriots won the high government awards on the eve of the 25th anniversary of our country’s independence.

“It is an honor for me to present these awards to you today, dear compatriots.

“Today we are building up a free and just civil society. We deem it to be our main task in this process, in the first place, to display respect and to adequately assess our compatriots’ honest work.

“It has to be recognized in this connection that 29,170 of our compatriots have been presented the high awards of the Motherland during the years of independence.

“The thing is not in the number of awards, of course. These awards are significant, first and foremost, because they are an adequate recognition of tremendous contribution of thousands of our compatriots to prosperity of our Motherland.

“We all feel encouraged by the fact that among those respected people are representatives of all nations and nationalities living in Uzbekistan,” stressed Shavkat Mirziyoyev.

“On this joyous day we say ‘thank you’ to our skillful dehkans and farmers, industrial workers, builders, and courageous servicemen, who stand on guard of our peace.

“We wholeheartedly congratulate those who were awarded the highest title of our Motherland – Hero of Uzbekistan – teacher Muhabbat Sharapova, railway construction worker Erkin Ummatov, farmer Sharipboi Rajabov and prominent doctor Ravshanbek Qurbonov.

“We congratulate Chairperson of the National Olympic Committee Mirabror Usmonov with the high award.

“We express our best wishes to respected professor of the Samarkand State University Muslikhiddin Muhiddinov, who devoted his life to the study of creative heritage of the great Alisher Navoi.

“We mention with respect the names of well-known poets Enakhon Siddiqova, Guliston Annaqlicheva, prominent actors Erkin Komilov, Gavhar Zokirova, activists of the Russian cultural center of Uzbekistan Yelena Shaverdova, as well as Stanislav Yugai, Gulbahor Aymuratova and our other compatriots.

“At this joyful moment I consider it appropriate to once again thank Fazliddin Ghoibnazarov, Ruslan Nurudinov, Shahram Ghiyosov, Hasanboi Dusmatov, Shahobidin Zoirov, Bektemir Meliqoziyev, Murodjon Ahmadaliyev, Elmurat Tasmuradov and our other valiant sons, who raised high the flag of our homeland at the last Olympic Games in Brazil.

“We all wish them one thing: you never get tired in the achievement of such high victories, and we never get tired presenting you the awards of the Motherland.”

Shavkat Mirziyoyev solemnly presented the state awards.

Hero of Uzbekistan Muhabbat Sharipova, holder of the Order “Fidokorona Khizmatlari Uchun” Erkin Komilov, People’s poet of Uzbekistan Enakhon Siddiqova, holder of the Order “Fidokorona Khizmatlari Uchun” Guliston Annaqilicheva, Hasanboi Dusmatov, who merited the honorary title “Uzbekiston Iftikhori”, holder of the Order “Dostlik” Yelena Shaverdova and other speakers noted that the high government awards instill in them still more strength and energy, inspire to the achievement of new objectives in the name of development of the Motherland, and expressed their sincere gratitude for the high attention and care displayed by our state.


The Uzbek National Academic Drama Theater hosted an event devoted to presenting high state awards to a group of our compatriots working in the spheres of science, education, healthcare, literature, culture, art, spirituality and enlightenment, mass media and social sphere.

It was noted that Uzbekistan attach great attention to raising the spirituality of the population, ensuring the continuity of national traditions, bringing up the younger generation in the spirit of love for the Motherland, and respectful attitude to national values.

Our people once again demonstrated their solidarity in a united effort on the road to great goals and the ability to achieve great results on the 4th of December, the day of presidential elections in Uzbekistan.

“The state paid major attention to the theatrical art during the years of independence. New theaters have been organized, the art institutions have been reconstructed, and the actors’ labor has been properly assessed,” said the People’s Artist of Uzbekistan, actress of the Uzbek National Academic Drama Theater Zuhra Ashurova. “In response to displayed care and attention our actors deem it their duty to create artistic work in the modern spirit.”

“This year our boxers won several medals of different denominations at the Olympic Games in Rio-de-Janeiro, thus outstripping athletes from Cuba, USA, Great Britain, and Russia and won the first place,” said the coach of the national boxing team Rahmatjon Ruziokhunov. “Today, while receiving the high government award, I would like to assure that in four years’ time the Uzbekistani sportsmen will again demonstrate their strength and will win the Olympics in Tokyo.”

The awards were presented by the State Advisor to the President of Uzbekistan Kh.Sultonov and Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic A.Aripov.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)


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