July 25, 2017
On July 22, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev visited the citizens’ gathering of “Markaziy” makhalla of Parkent district.

In accordance with the Decree of the head of our state On measures of further improving the makhalla institute of February 3 this year, the organizational bases of makhalla’s activity, its role in life of society are being strengthened.

A new building and a makhalla guzar have been erected for citizens of the “Markaziy” makhalla. All conditions are created for workers of the gathering, for the inspector of prevention and the population. There are separate rooms that are furnished with computer equipment, furniture, literature, rooms for the chairman, secretary, makhalla advisors, inspector of prevention. The inspector’s office is equipped with a monitor for video surveillance, allowing to control the entire territory of the makhalla.

The law on the makhalla was adopted, all conditions were created for its activities, but there was no responsibility of the chairman of the makhalla, the primary organization, said the head of our state. Now the citizens’ gathering of the makhalla is given great powers and opportunities. The chairman of the makhalla and his advisers should take the situation in the makhalla into their own hands, know the situation in each family, the requests of people and help them.

It is noted that it would be possible to have gatherings in buildings of schools for further approaching the makhalla to the population, this is of great importance in educating youth. It will alos help to unite people, strengthen discipline and law enforcement.

Information on preventive work carried out by internal affairs bodies, the concept of Safe rest is given.

The President of our country noted that Tashkent region, including Parkent district, has a huge potential for tourism development, for which it is necessary to ensure safety of tourists and the population, to instill in people the skills of family entrepreneurship in the sphere of tourism.

Shavkat Mirziyoyev talked with seamstresses and home-workers working in the makhalla guzar.

Presentation of projects on construction of two reservoirs in Parkent district, cultivation of crops on the basis of drip irrigation, creation of vineyards, the general plan of the city of Parkent until 2036, construction of multi-storey houses, roads, markets, a recreation park and other objects is held in the courtyard of the citizens’ gathering building.

The President of our country drew attention to the role of Parkensai and Kyzylsai reservoirs in development of the district’s economy, increasing the incomes of the population. As a result of construction of these reservoirs, 5,8 thousand hectares of land will be provided with permanent water supply – 3,9 thousand hectares of rainfed lands will be turned into irrigated areas, water supply will be improved on 1,9 thousand hectares.

The head of our state noted the need for full transition to growing fruit and vegetable products on rainfed lands and increasing procurement of demanded products.

Instructions are given on organization of a free economic zone in Parkent, attraction of investment at the amount of 100 million dollars to the zone, organization of production taking into account possibilities of the district and market requirements, and development of entrepreneurship among the population.

Attention is also paid to issues of improving spirituality of youth, training personnel for the economy of the region, strengthening peace and tranquility.

The head of our state visited a garden of Aminjon Mukhammadjonov, who lives in “Guliston” makhalla of Parkent district.

Aminjon-bobo, who turned 74 years old, together with his wife Ikhtibor-momo brought up five children, gave them higher education. Today they are living happily surrounded by 14 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren.

Aminjon-ota together with his children has organized a private enterprise “Zukhra-ona plus” in the mahalla with an area of about 3 hectares, which is specialized in cultivating ornamental trees in local conditions that are brought from various countries.

Shavkat Mirziyoyev examined the garden of Aminjon-bobo, expressed his gratitude for creation of such a beautiful garden.

This is a vivid confirmation that our people, really, have golden hands, said the head of our state. This garden is the embodiment of love for the Motherland, diligence. It is necessary to study and disseminate experience of the venerable father. Let this gardener teach in educational institutions in the sphere of agriculture, and people learn the secrets of gardening from him.

The President of our country talked with activists of the makhalla and aksakals in the garden.

The essence and significance of the policy of reforms carried out by our state, their results, plans for comprehensive development of Tashkent region were noted.

Aksakals expressed their gratitude to the head of our state for a personal example in dialogue with people, ensuring human interests, attention paid to the development of Tashkent region, improving people’s well-being.

The head of our state visited a modern logistics center, which is erected in Yukorichirchik district of Tashkent region.

The center, organized by LLC “Greenfoodtrade”, is engaged in the storage, processing and export of agricultural products. The project, which will start operating at full capacity in the third quarter of 2018, will serve to increasing the export potential of our country, ensuring uninterrupted supply of agricultural products to the domestic market, rational use of land, creating new workplaces.

In the complex with an area of more than 40 hectares, 5 cross-docking, a hypermarket, a warehouse for sorting and storage of agricultural products, a refrigerator with a capacity of 10 thousand tons and a hotel for 150 persons will be built.

The President of our country was informed about this complex in detail.

Presentation of projects on cultivation and processing of agricultural products in Tashkent region was also held here.

The Agro logistic center in Kibray district will include technological lines for drying and packing fruit and vegetable products, processing agricultural products, a greenhouse, a cold store. It is planned to create about 500 workplaces in the center, which will be commissioned in the first half of 2018.

Production of an apple juice will be established by “Uzbekozikovkatholding” holding company in LLC “Sardorkom” of Akhangaran district. And a complex of freezing, packing, storage of fruit and vegetables, a modern greenhouse will be created at the enterprise, organized in Parkent district.

It is necessary to effectively use land plots, said the head of our state. The present time calls for production of such products, which bring profit and are in demand in the market.

Large-scale projects financed by commercial banks were also presented for the President of our country. They provide for processing of paper products, organization of production of corrugated cardboard containers for fruits and vegetables and for drying fruits and vegetables, development of poultry.

Information was presented about the map-scheme of placing sowing crops on irrigated areas of Tashkent region with low profitability and fertility.

Presentation of the monitoring results of agricultural lands of the region was held. Measurements of the area and aerial photography of the land were made with the help of a quadrocopter, and the data received were entered into an electronic database. The results of measurements made from an “AN-2” and a quadrocopter were compared. It has been established that it takes 20 hours to study 100 hectares of land with the help of an airplane, and only 4 hours when using a quadrocopter for the same amount of work. In addition, comparative indicators of crop processing by agrodron, sprayer CFS and airplane were presented. Opportunities of modern agrodrons in improving productivity were highly evaluated.

Such modern devices are of great importance for agriculture, said Shavkat Mirziyoyev. If we are concerned about the future of agriculture, we must quickly move to modern methods of work. It is necessary to pay special attention to the development of drones’ production, to organize a joint venture for these purposes and train appropriate personnel.

An innovative project on production of agricultural machinery in 2017-2018 was presented. In particular, agricultural machinery produced by enterprises of “Uzagrotechsanoatmashholding” company was demonstrated. The company includes facilities for production of agricultural machinery, machine and tractor parks, provides leasing services. Detailed information was provided on agricultural machinery produced in our country and plans for the future.

Modern machinery for agriculture is produced in our country, together with Belarusian investors. The President of our country examined its samples, talked with investors on further improvement of production, prospects for development of cooperation.

(Source: UzA)


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