June 20, 2017
As part of the Action Strategy, the Uzbek Republican Commodity Exchange (UZEX) has been running several promising projects to increase the transparency of public procurement and provide additional opportunities for small businesses.

The conduct of electronic auction bids on government purchases directly on the UZEX specialized information portal www.uzex.uz is the key criterion for ensuring transparency and publicity of the procurement of goods and services for the needs of budgetary organizations. At the moment, procurement announcements, their schedule, results of electronic trading, registers of guaranteeing and unfair suppliers are placed in the open part of the UZEX portal, allowing to ensure effective state and public control over their implementation.

In the current year, UZEX portal has been updated and upgraded within the framework of the Action Strategy. The project allowed expanding access to exchange information, introducing new services that have increased transparency and effectiveness of electronic trading. The new design of the portal is based on usability, corporate style and latest trends in e-commerce. The new tools have optimally simplified the visualization of the most popular resources and key indicators of UZEX.

Moreover, the functionality of the personal account for public procurement has been significantly expanded as an additional convenience for the UZEX customers. The procedure of filling in electronic applications has been simplified in practice, a supplier assessment system was introduced, and a function of automatic entry generation has been launched in accordance with the number specified in the procurement schedule.

Specific attention is paid to the development of healthy competition in public procurement through drawing new suppliers to electronic trading, a large part of which are business representatives.

UZEX and the Electronic Government Development Center organized interaction of their databases to simplify the procedure of accreditation and participation of entrepreneurs in the electronic public procurement system.

The UZEX official channel and the bot in the Telegram messenger are very popular among entrepreneurs. The reference resources help them to track the latest news of the exchange, download instructions for participation in electronic trading, get information on tariffs for electronic procurement services, and other information they need.

UZEX specialists also developed D-Xarid - a new mobile application for public procurement, which provides an opportunity for suppliers to participate in electronic trading via mobile devices. In just 10 days since its placement in the Google Play apps store, the number of downloads of this application has exceeded 700.

In general, the development of healthy and fair competition during electronic auction bids contributes to the decrease in the cost of public procurement and increase in budgetary savings. In the near future, it is planned to improve the UZEX online training website bilim.uzex.uz. It is also planned to use it for online testing of employees of budgetary organizations and provide them with automatic access to electronic trading.

Other promising UZEX projects envisage the introduction of new ways of electronic procurement, streamlining of the feedback system in its territorial branches, as well as adoption of the B2C model of e-commerce, which implies broad involvement of individuals to trading.

According to experts, the implementation of innovative projects contributes to accelerated development of all UZEX trading platforms, including the system of electronic public procurement, which has been successfully operating with UZEX since 2011.

In particular, the intensive introduction of information and communication technologies in exchange activities over the past six years has helped to quadruply the total volume of transactions concluded on the public procurement exchange, and bring it to 668 billion soums in 2016. In 2011-2016, savings of budget funds increased more than sevenfold, from 22 billion to 161 billion soums (currency rates of CB RU from 20.06.2017, 1$= 3930.91 soums). At the same time, the number of small businesses active in the D-Xarid electronic system increased from 5,000 to 42,000 entrepreneurs.

Positive dynamics of bigs has been traced this year too. So, in the first quarter of 2017, the aggregate amount of electronic public procurement amounted to 114 billion soums, which is 28% higher YOY. Savings of budget funds increased by 37% and reached 30 billion soums. The share of small businesses in the supply of goods, works and services for public procurement was 99% of the number and volume of transactions. During the auction, each application received an average 15 crossing offers.

In the electronic catalog, essential goods were purchased for 9.4 billion soums, with 27% increase YOY. The amount of budgetary savings in this trading platform has grown from 2 billion to 5 billion soums.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)


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