May 29, 2017
President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev visited the “Suzuk ota” mausoleum and mosque in Shayhontohur district of the capital city on 26 May.

In the years of independence, priority attention is given to ensuring freedom of worship and religious tolerance in this country. Such qualities as faith, love and generosity serve as an important basis for the raising of the morality of Uzbek people.

Under the leadership of the President, good work is being carried out to restore national customs, traditions and values, to thoroughly study our sacred religion and the rich heritage of great thinkers of the past and to preserve historical sites.

Suzuk ota’s real name is Mustafoqul. He was born in the year 1140. He was the youngest son of Gavhari Hushtoj, Ahmad Yassaviy’s daughter. When he was a child, his grandfather said to him: “Welcome, my suzuk (favourite) grandchild.” Then people around also started calling him by this particular name. Suzuk ota gave education to hundreds of his apprentices. In the years 1363-1364, our great ancestor Amir Temur had these mausoleum and mosque built at the grave of Suzuk ota, Ahmad Yassaviy’s grandchild.

In the years of independence, this sacred place was restored and improved.

There area more than five thousand people living in the “Suzuk ota” neighbourhood. Craftsmanship, carpentry and wood carving are developed in this neighbourhood.

In accordance with our holy religion, suras from the Koran were recited at the mausoleum.

This mausoleum and mosque should serve to further raise our moral standards and to augment the rays of goodness in our country, said the Head of State.

A library and a centre of craftsmanship should be built here.

The President gave officials instructions to improve areas around the mosque.

* * *

President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev has made a familiarization visit to the site of construction of a modern park of culture and recreation at the intersection of Beltepa Street and Jarariq Street in Shayhontohur district.

In this park’s construction project, a special emphasis is put on a harmonious consonance between modern architectural solutions and national culture traditions. The park’s area is 10 hectares. Here a roofed pavilion, modern attractions, gazebos, a winter garden, an observation wheel, light and music fountains, skateboarding areas, ice hills, cableways, a café, cycling lanes and a 5-storey car park are to be built.

The roofed pavilion will create broad possibilities for recreational activities all year round. In the park’s area, solar energy powered lighting systems will be installed.

In order to provide a good microclimate, such trees as magnolias, oaks, birches, pine trees, chestnut trees, pagoda trees will be planted in the park, as will various shrubs.

In this park of recreation, possibilities will be created for conducting nationwide holidays, big shows, concerts, exhibitions, forums, sports competitions and master classes.

The first phase of the project’s implementation will cost 18 million and its second phase will cost 22 million dollars.

The first phase will be completed in the year 2018, and the second phase in 2019. When the park is entirely completed, 350 people will be provided with jobs.

The Head of State said, looking at the park’s project, that this park should be a favourite place of inhabitants and guests of the capital city.

Our most important task is to create decent working conditions and recreational facilities for our people, said the President.

The necessary instructions were given to officials and managers on carrying out the construction work to good quality standards.

(Source: UzA)


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