January 31, 2017
29 January 2017 - 25 Years of Diplomatic Relations between the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Republic of Korea

To His Excellency

Mr Hwang Kyo-ahn,

Acting President of the Republic of Korea

Your Excellency!

It gives me great pleasure to congratulate you and the entire people of South Korea cordially on behalf of the Uzbek people on a significant date in the history of our cooperation – the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Republic of Korea.

We highly appreciate that our countries’ mutual relations, which have reached the level of genuine strategic partnership at the modern stage, have a thousand years of history, when through caravan paths of the Great Silk Road our peoples had intensive trade, diplomatic and cultural exchanges.

Today the Uzbek-Korean relations, founded on firm traditions of friendship, mutual understanding and respect thanks primarily to both sides’ political will, are of a mature and mutually advantageous nature.

The Republic of Korea, which has great economic, intellectual and industrial-technical potential and which plays an increasingly prestigious role in world economics and politics, has become one of the most reliable and long-term partners for our country since Uzbekistan obtained state independence.

I would like to note with satisfaction that in recent years our countries were able to achieve significant progress in strengthening the foundations of their cooperation, maintaining a high level of an open and trust-based dialogue, broad interaction and support within international organizations.

Uzbekistan consistently supports the peace-loving and considered foreign policy of the Republic of Korea and its efforts to ensure peace and security on the Korean peninsula and to turn it into a nuclear-free zone.

I remember with great warmth your official visit to Uzbekistan in May 2016 and the joint participation in the launch ceremony of the Ustyurt gas chemical complex at the Surgil field, which we view as a bright symbol of our fruitful cooperation and an example to further equally big and significant projects.

During our recent telephone conversation, I was very glad about the reaffirmation of the readiness of the government and business circles of the Republic of Korea to increase Uzbek-Korean cooperation in a very wide range of areas and to search for new ways and possibilities for strengthening the strategic partnership comprehensively.

For my part, I would like to assure you again that the Republic of Uzbekistan and I personally are determined to further step up the trade-economic, financial-investment and technological cooperation with the Republic of Korea. In precisely these areas our countries’ relations had unprecedented development over the past 25 years. This is evident in large-scale joint high-tech investment projects in the energy, chemical, textile and car manufacturing spheres, infrastructure, transport, electronic government and telecommunications.

A session of the intergovernmental commission for trade-economic cooperation that took place in Seoul in 2016 and a meeting of the finance ministers of the two countries made it possible to agree new areas of cooperation in a number of promising sectors.

The dynamically developing cultural-humanitarian ties deserve to be evaluated highly as these help to extend the two peoples’ mutual understanding. In maintaining our countries’ friendly and close relations the large ethnic Korean diaspora, which this year will be celebrating 80 years of living in the generous Uzbek land, play a special role.

I am sure that we will continue our trust-based constructive dialogue and cooperation for the purpose of strengthening the existing firm foundation for our countries’ relations and identifying new promising areas for effective partnership as part of bilateral and multilateral cooperation between Uzbekistan and the Republic of Korea.

Making use of this pleasant opportunity, I wish you, esteemed Hwang Kyo-ahn, robust health, wellbeing and success, and wish the friendly South Korean people happiness and further prosperity.

With deep respect,

Shavkat Mirziyoyev,

President of the Republic of Uzbekistan

* * *

To His Excellency

Mr Shavkat Mirziyoyev,

President of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Your Excellency,

I attach important significance to the fact that during the 5 January 2017 telephone conversation, You and I mutually confirmed adherence to principles of trust and the development of cooperation between the Republic of Korea and the Republic of Uzbekistan, and also our personal friendly relations.

The 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between our countries is in this year. In 2006 the Republic of Korea and the Republic of Uzbekistan signed a joint declaration on strategic partnership. And since then the two countries’ mutually advantageous and forward-looking cooperation has been developing consistently in the political, economic, cultural-humanitarian and many other spheres.

Last year, the project of construction of the Ustyurt gas chemical complex at the Surgil field was successfully completed. That is a bright example of our countries’ fruitful cooperation. I hope that other projects being implemented jointly in the petro-chemical sphere and also new future projects will be further examples of effective cooperation between the two countries.

The 25th anniversary of the establishment of the diplomatic relations and the 80th anniversary of Koreans living in Central Asia are important factors in the further strengthening of the relations of friendship and mutual understanding between the Republic of Korea and Uzbekistan. I am sure that the Korean Culture an Art House, the construction of which is being carried out as part of the bilateral cooperation, will bring the peoples of our countries even closer together.

I wish Your Excellency robust health, and wish the people of Uzbekistan eternal prosperity.

With respect,

Hwang Kyo-ahn,

Acting President of the Republic of Korea


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