August 30, 2016
The Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis held a conference “The Formation and development of the national parliamentary system” devoted to the 25th anniversary of the country’s independence.

Taking part in it along with the parliament members were senators, representatives of government bodies and administration, the Institute of monitoring of current legislation under the President of Uzbekistan, Academy of Government administration, representatives of science and mass media.

The speakers noted that the road of development, which complied with the national interests of Uzbekistan, was determined since the first days of independence, and a democratic national parliament had been set up, which was engaged in the lawmaking process in the interests of man. Its role and efficiency within the system of government administration has been significantly strengthened and consolidated.

The one chamber parliament, which operated till the year 2004, had contributed a tangible share to the shaping of the democratic political system of the newly independent state, just civil society, and the legal foundation of development of the social, political, economic, cultural and other spheres. It was namely during that period that was adopted the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan, were formed the legal foundation of the electoral system, which secure the free expression of the people’s will.

Democratic reforms served the basis of development strategy, which were globally called “the Uzbek model” as a result of which were successfully formed all necessary conditions for the further improvement of the activities of the highest legislative body of our country based on the modern requirements.

The results of the nation-wide referendum held on the 27th of January 2002 a legal foundation was formed for shaping a two-chamber, permanently operating professional body – the Parliament, made up of the Legislative Chamber and Representative body, which expressed the interests of the regions – the Senate.

The Legislative power in Uzbekistan had entered a new stage of its advancement, which enabled to significantly raise the quality of adopted laws and the powers of Oliy Majlis on carrying out controlling functions were expanded.

The concept of further deepening democratic reforms and shaping up a civil society in the country put forward by the head of our state and approved by the Parliament had turned into an important motivation factor for strengthening the activities of the Houses of Parliament.

The amendments to the Constitution made on its basis further promoted the expansion of the powers of the Oliy Majlis, political party factions in the Legislative Chamber. In particular, included into the powers of the Oliy Majlis was included the task of hearing and discussion of the Prime Minister’s report on the topical issues of socio-economic development of our country and the implementation of parliamentary control.

The participants of the event listened to reports on the creation of an efficient system of planning and forecasting the law making activities, the experts’ and civil society representatives involvement in the discussion of draft laws. Also was underlined the ever-growing role and significance of political parties.

“The Block of Democratic forces” made up of two parties’ factions – those of Movement of Entrepreneurs and Business People – Liberal-Democratic Party of Uzbekistan and the “Milliy tiklanish” Democratic Party was formed and operate successfully today in the Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis. Factions of the People’s Democratic Party of Uzbekistan and the “Adolat” Social-Democratic party make a parliamentary opposition.

The report of our country’s President at the joint session of the Legislative Chamber and the Senate of Oliy Majlis held on the 23rd of January 2015 became an important factor in the reorganization of Parliamentary activities and improvement of mechanisms for efficient performance of its powers. Eight priority directions identified in the report served the basis for the Legislative Chamber’s plans for the short- and long-term future.

The conference participants also discussed the tasks facing the parliament on the further advancement of our country, expressed their opinions on the efficiency of the system of planning and forecasting in their law making activities.

“The Parliament plays an important role in shaping a civil society,” noted chairman of the Committee of the Lower Chamber on democratic institutions, non-government organizations and citizens’ bodies of self-government A.Saidov. “The Laws adopted in recent years have promoted the consolidation of civil institutions and government bodies and raising the efficiency in support of their activities.”

“Expert groups made up of scholars and specialists have been set up under the Committees of the Lower Chamber of Parliament,” stressed doctor of Law, Professor O.Oqyulov. “They take an active part in the discussion of legal acts, which facilitates the efficient organization of law making activities.”

The most important issues for the development of parliament have been specified and proposals elaborate on the implementation of tasks facing them.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)


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