June 29, 2016
As a result, today its share in GDP has reached 57%, and 39% in industrial production.

Over the years of independence, Uzbekistan has carried out a large-scale and system-based work to liberalize its economy, introduce market principles and mechanisms of management, create a favorable business environment.

Incorporating more than 400 laws, effective institutional and legal framework for the development of private enterprise and reliable protection of private property has contributed to the accelerated evolution of business structures and catalyzed the entrepreneurial activity of citizens. These measures have empowered private businesses to not just establish as an integrating segment of the economy, but also become a decisive force that drives the country towards a socially oriented market economy.

The World Bank report has ranked Uzbekistan among the world’s top ten countries that achieved impressive results in improving business environment last year. Currently, the share of small businesses in the retail trade turnover has reached 87%, agricultural production - 98%, paid services - 51% and employment - 78%.

The adoption of the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan ‘On measures to ensure a reliable protection of private property, small business and private entrepreneurship, and remove barriers to their rapid development’ was a landmark event for the development of private entrepreneurship in 2015. In the course of practical implementation of the decree, amendments have been introduced to more than 40 legal acts that regulate the activity of business entities.

The long-term Program on Localization of Production for 2019 was launched in 2015 in furtherance of enhancement of fundamental role and importance of the private sector in the process of diversification and modernization of the economy. Along with other national sectoral programs that envisage integrated development of hydropower sector, national quality system, information and communications systems and road transport infrastructure for 2019-2020, the program of localization has been contributing to the improvement of the investment climate and business environment in the country, ensuring structural changes in the economy and its sustainable growth.

Law enforcement bodies, national institutions for human rights protection and public organizations have been assigned an important mission in ensuring the rights of entrepreneurs and reliable protection of private property. They have been taking integrated and system-based measures to tighten control over the implementation of the requirements of the acts that guarantee the freedom of entrepreneurship, ensure the inevitability of punishment for executives, including regulatory, law enforcement and authorized state bodies, for violations of rights and legitimate interests of business entities.

For instance, the General Prosecutor’s Office has been effectively running an electronic system of receiving the appeals of citizens, small businesses and private enterprises around the clock. In order to ensure the prompt processing of applications, the system incorporates 34 departments, regional and district prosecutor offices. The appeals are addressed through certain measures of prosecution response. Legitimate rights and interests of business entities are ensured by practical and advisory assistance.

Controlled by the Ministry of Justice, ‘single window’ centers in all districts and cities render public services to businesses. They have allowed registering businesses online, removing bureaucratic obstacles and ensuring openness and transparency of public services.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan (CCI) has teamed up with district and urban administrations to organize ‘Days of Entrepreneurs’, where executives meet up with business entities, define existing problems, and address them. In the first quarter of 2016, such events have been attended by 34,830 businesses. Along with that, CCI is regularly involved in scheduled inspections at business entities and in inquiries about the legitimacy of audits. In the first five months of the current year, CCI specialists participated in 1,087 scheduled inspections, or in 76% of the total number of inspections.

In furtherance of development of small and private businesses and introduction of innovative projects in their activities, Chamber of Commerce and Industry has been organizing trips for local businessmen for advanced training in the European countries under Management Training Programs project. Uzbek managers exchange experience with their European colleagues, learn current management technologies and forms of administration. Uzbek enterprises are chiefly interested in establishing contacts with EU companies, enhancing competitiveness and business productivity.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)


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