February 26, 2016
A regular meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Children\'s Sports Development Fund of Uzbekistan, held under the chairmanship of the head of state, analyzed the work carried out last year and since its creation in 2002.

Sport has become one of the key factors in the upbringing of a harmoniously developed people leading healthy lifestyles.

The Children’s Sport Development Fund was established fourteen years ago. At the same time a unique system of sports competitions among the youth has been implemented. From the very outset, it has been tasked with turning children’s sports into a massive public movement. Over the years, the fund has focused primarily on developing sports, especially in rural areas, constructing new modern sports facilities in schools and providing them with the most modern equipment.

Thanks to these efforts, the modern youth views sport as a lifetime companion since their childhood. As a result, the number of children who have become constantly engaged in various sports has drastically increased.

The three stage sports games ‘Umid Nihollari’, ‘Barkamol Avlod’ and the Universiade that are held in the republic annually, have become a massiv sports movement for hundreds of thousands of children, as well as a school for preparing talented athletes that can represent our country at the most prestigious international tournaments including world championships and the Olympic Games.

The Universiade has become the perfect starting point for many of our famous athletes like judo athlete Rishod Sobirov, boxer Aboss Atoyev, chess player Rustam Kasymjanov, athlete Svetalana Radzivil, tennis player Denis Istomin, canoeist Vadim Menkov and many others.

Rano Omonova, a student at the Andijan State Unviersity, has become the champion of the republic eight times, won over 10 medals at the Umid Nihollari’, ‘Barkamol Avlod’ and the Universiade competitions.

“Last year’s Grand Prix in Doha (Qatar) was a great success,” says Rano. “There I was able to obtain a license for the summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Currently I am preparing for this huge competition.”

Positive dynamics have been reported in attracting girls to sports. In the last ten years, the amount of girls engaged in sports has drastically increased. In order to increase the popularization of sports for girls, special attention has been provided to the training of women-coaches. This action has been boosted by the implementation of focused decrees and bill’s as well as a newly developed work compensation package for female coaches.

“The sporting arenas and the coaches in the rural areas are now on the same level as in bigger cities,” says the coach at the children’s-youth sports school of Dostlik region and the honorary coach of the republic, Abdumutal Husanov.

Rhythmic gymnastics is being developed at a very fast pace. Dozens of new sporting facilities, aimed at popularizing this sport, have been constructed in rural and urban areas.

The Gymnastics Federation of Uzbekistan is completing large-scale works towards popularizing this sport and further increasing the sports mastery of the gymnasts. Each region has an active sports school dedicated to gymnastics, new gymnastics gyms have been completed in different regions. They have been fitted with all of the necessary equipment, and normal schools have launched gymnastics clubs.

The program of developing gymnastics in the country and the great conditions for employing female coaches, created in the republic, have resulted in an ten-fold increase of active gymnasts in the country.

In Surkhandarya region, over three thousand children are engaged in this sport under the guidance of over 40 highly experienced coaches.

“Every day, I eagerly wait to start my trainings after school,” said the student of School ¹3 of Termez, Rahima Abdurasulova. “I have won several medals on the republican level, now my goal is to compete on the international arena.”

Our athletes were able to create a positive impact on the world arena, as well as strengthen their positions in the world. It is not by chance that for several years Tashkent is hosting the Grand prix stages of the world championship and the youth competitions Happy Caravan, where our young athletes have traditionally won places on the podium.

Uzbekistan has been paying great attention to the manufacturing of sports equipment, which is of very high quality. There are over a hundred companies that manufacture sports inventory; they are being supported through preferences and various governmental benefits. One of them is Asia Sport-S, a company based in Tashkent, which is the partner of the fund.

“We have launched the production of 38 types of sports goods and equipment,” says the head of the firm, Sherzod Halikov. “We use locally sourced raw materials and manufacture goods for gymnastics, boxing, basketball, volleyball, handball, table tennis, other sports and special sports floor tiles.”

During the meeting it was noted that during the manufacturing process, special attention must be paid towards the quality, convenience and standards of the sporting goods. It is also important to increase the number of companies working in this business, and create a strict licensing system for sports goods.

In the newly adopted State Program “Year of the Healthy Mother and Child’, the massive popularization of sport and physical culture are one of the primary goals. It also covers and promotes the attraction of the youth and especially girls, to the engagement in various sports, building and renovating new and existing sports facilities, and fitting them with modern sports equipment.

There are plans afoot to construct over 1,700 sports arenas for schools, as well as the launch of at least one children’s-youth sports school in each district. The program also works towards increasing the number of swimming pools in the country.

The enhancement of the role of physical culture and sports in the formation of the healthy new generation has become the primary goal of the government, as was highlighted during the meeting.

New objectives for the next five years have been set, which include the construction of schools of high sports mastery in all regional centers, including Nukus and Tashkent.

Figures and Facts

In 2005 only 30% of kids and adolescents, aged 6 - 15 in Uzbekistan were engaged in sports and only 29% in rural areas. In 2015, this figure reached 57.2% and 56% for rural areas. Ten years ago they could choose from 43 sports disciplines, while now there are a total of 59 disciplines officially trained in Uzbekistan.

* * *

Thanks to attracting girls to mass sports today, 47% of them (in rural areas - 44.7%) regularly participate in sports. In 2005, these rates were two times lower

* * *

In 2015, the number of coaches and sports instructors has increased by 1.5 times compared to 2005, including the increase in female trainers by 3,8 times.

* * *

In 2000, for every 100 thousand children, around 6 thousand were affected by acute respiratory viral infections, 576 by pneumonia, 449 by bronchitis, and 310 by scoliosis. As a result of the work, including the work of the Children\'s Sports Development Fund, today among children 6-15 years old, engaged in sports, the incidence of acute respiratory viral infections decreased by 47.3%, pneumonia by 55.6%, bronchitis by 61.7%, and scoliosis by 45.5%.

* * *

The development of the Children’s Sports Development Fund promotes physical improvement of the rising generation. In particular, the height of our boys and girls under the age of 14 years in the last ten years increased on average by 2.8 centimeters.

Another important result is the number of men fit for military service, which increased from 63.4% in 2000 to 86.3% in 2015.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)


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