January 28, 2016
The year 2015 was successful for the Joint-Stock National Exhibition Complex, Uzexpocenter. Official statistics leave no doubt of the fact: the total number of exhibitions it held last year comes to 53, compared to 49 in 2014. In 2015, its exhibition halls were packed with 4,660 participants, of which indigenous enterprises accounted for 3,590, or 17 per cent of the total. The overall exhibition floor space reaches 63,800 sq. m. By the way, Uzexpocenter presents a given indictor in the “net” form, instead of the “gross” form generally used by exhibition organizations throughout the world.

One of the company’s main priorities is to support the most pivotal national projects. At this stage it is worth mentioning the Republican Fair of Innovative Ideas, Technologies and Projects. Having already become a traditional event in Uzbekistan, this annual fair of innovations is convened in keeping with the Resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, “On additional measures to stimulate the introduction of innovative projects and technologies in production” dated 15 July 2008. The 8th Fair attracted an impressive list of ministries, departments, associations, banks, state and private enterprises from all industries and sectors of the national economy. Taking part in the event were also scientific organizations of the Uzbek Academy of Sciences, higher educational establishments, research and innovative centers, experimental-design organizations and individual inventors.

The exhibits shown at the Fair included more than 400 technologies, methods, projects and innovative ideas worked out within the framework of state scientific-technical programs by research, educational and experimental-design organizations of the Academy of Sciences, the Ministry of Higher and Specialized Secondary Education, the Ministry of Public Health, the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Supply of the Republic of Uzbekistan and other departments and innovative centers.

In response to entrepreneurs’ demand for ready innovative solutions, the Republican Fair of Innovative Ideas, Technologies and Projects – 2015, unlike the previous ones, has created a separate section, called “High-Tech”, with as many as 60 domestic ready-for-introduction projects and technologies being placed on view.

In the course of the fair, its participators could discuss the most urgent issues surrounding the formation in Uzbekistan of an innovative economy. The three seminars organized during the event were devoted to ways to improve and further develop the regulatory-legal framework for innovative activity, the role of scientific-technical information in this process and the development of alternative power engineering in the country. Additionally, a round-table discussion, “The innovative development of Uzbekistan: problems and prospects” was arranged within the fair’s framework.

A great deal of international exhibitions dedicated to a given theme that are arranged in the exhibition halls of the AO National Exhibition Complex Uzexpocenter make an inestimable contribution to the introduction of the most advanced agricultural mini-technologies and compact equipment in the agrarian sector of the Uzbek economy, thereby increasing the efficiency and productivity of domestic farming.

And today, Uzbekistan AGRO MINITECH EXPO is the biggest and most ambitious exhibition of all similar specialized events, which have already become traditional. Held on the initiative of the President Islam Karimov of the Republic of Uzbekistan, such expositions of mini-technologies and compact equipment take place at Uzexpocenter at the end of May each year, beginning from 1998.

The thematic content of the exhibition is striking, indeed. Uzbekistan AGRO MINITECH EXPO – 2015, as one example, encompassed about 100 directions, including equipment for the production and processing of fruit and vegetables, meat and dairy products, equipment for the production of flour and mixed fodder, machinery and equipment for horticulture and vine-growing, pre-packing and packaging equipment, chemical preparations for plant protection, veterinary, astrakhan sheep breeding and leather processing, organization of hothouse gardening and many others.

Last year, 188 companies and firms from 19 countries participated in the exhibition. The event attracted upwards of 8,000 farmers, private entrepreneurs, representatives of agrarian firms and small businesses from all over the Republic.

In a move to boost the localization process and the development of cooperation within and between industries, as well as to ensure wide access to information about the goods and services made in Uzbekistan, another important exhibition is organized by Uzexpocentre on an annual basis. Called the Republican Industrial Fair and Cooperative Exchange, the event proves indispensable in helping domestic economic players to find partners and to strike with them economic deals for the delivery of their output.

It has become a tradition to divide the Republican Industrial Fair and Cooperative Exchange into two stages. At the first stage, held in April-May, sectoral exhibitions and fairs are arranged, whereas the second stage, held in October-November, represents a united concluding exhibition.

The leading industries of Uzbekistan demonstrate their output in respective sections, such as geological prospecting, extraction and processing of mineral resources and raw materials, science-intensive technologies, car-making, agricultural machinery construction, electro-technical and chemical sectors, pharmaceutics, food industry, production of building materials, printing industry, transport, construction of means of transport etc.

The exhibits put on display by enterprises and organizations give a graphic picture of the range of produce manufactured in the country. What’s more, exhibition visitors can familiarize themselves with the goods that are promising from the standpoint of using local raw materials and available technological potentialities as well as forging cooperative relations.

In 2015, over 1,700 indigenous enterprises (up from 1,350 enterprises registered a year earlier) took part in the autumn stage of the International Industrial Fair and Cooperative Exchange held between 26 October and 25 November. The 800 foreign participants (up from 350 ones in 2014) included representatives of companies and firms operating in Germany, Italy, Latvia, South Korea, China, Poland, Russia, Turkey and other countries.

Another significant event held annually in the Republic is the Uzbek International Cotton Fair, which is designed to provide the cotton industry’s leaders, representatives of textile enterprises and commercial agents with ample opportunity to participate in fair and exchange auctions and to sign direct trade deals for the delivery of cotton fiber. The 2015 event attracted more than 1,000 participants, representing foreign firms and companies from 40 countries of the world.

Many enterprises of Uzbekistan’s light industry displayed a wide spectrum of their output, including cotton yarn, linen, fabrics, finished clothes and knitted wear, articles made of silk and suchlike.

The company Uzbekengilsanoat organized a fashion show, where a lot of excellent garments made of natural fabrics were demonstrated. All of them were designed, taking into consideration modern trends in the world fashion industry, Uzbek national traditions and the specialties of the region’s hot climate.

Presentations of the investment potentialities available in the Republic’s provinces, as well as new projects to develop the textile industry were the characteristic feature of the Uzbek International Cotton Fair – 2015.

Among the new exhibitions held in Uzbekistan last year for the first time, one should mention the following: ICT Expo and ICT Forum, Beauty Uzbekistan, the Training Session “Neck or Nothing. Ideology of the Leader – Ideology of Victory” and the Republican Conference-Seminar of Law-Enforcement Authorities.

Speaking about the exhibitions arranged in the exhibition halls of the Joint-Stock National Exhibition Complex Uzexpocenter by foreign exhibition companies ITE Uzbekistan, IEG Uzbekistan, Expo Position and ZarExpo, it should be pointed out that their themes cover almost all industries.

The exhibits displayed graphically illustrate the latest achievements in such sectors as construction, power engineering, oil and gas, machine-building, food industry, agriculture, public health, textile industry, transport, protection and security, road construction and some others.

The most significant projects include the following international and specialized exhibitions arranged by ITE Uzbekistan:

- Textile Expo Uzbekistan 2015 (textile equipment and fashion) – more than 72 companies-participants from 10 countries);

- OGU 2015 (oil and gas) – over 138 companies-participants from 14 countries;

- TIHE 2015 (healthcare and medicine) – 164 companies-participants from 22 countries.

It is obvious that the organization of international specialized exhibitions at AO NEC Uzexpocenter facilitates both the introduction of modern technologies and equipment in the leading sectors of the Uzbek economy and the satiation of the home market with quality goods and services, as well as supports domestic manufacturers by creating an optimal business environment in which to forge business ties, to exchange experience and to attract investments.

In the matter of its exhibition activity abroad, it is necessary to note that Uzexpocenter organized the country’s national stand at the annual International Agricultural Fair, Green Week – 2015 (15-25 January). About 1,600 companies and farms from 67 countries of the world, including the Republic of Uzbekistan, took part in the event. A presentation of Uzbekistan’s economic and agricultural potential that was held within its framework attracted more than 120 representatives of German companies. They were informed about the present state of the country’s economic development, priority directions of investment cooperation, steps taken to modernize domestic industrial enterprises and to further improve the business climate in the Republic.

As well as that, AO National Exhibition Complex Uzexpocenter installed a national stand of Uzbekistan at the world exhibition Expo Milano – 2015 that took place in the town of Milano (Italy) between 1 May and 31 October. Its main theme was “To feed the planet. Energy for life”. The exhibition’s main organizer was Italy’s Ministry of Economy and Finance.

The exhibition’s participators included representatives from 145 countries. The best technologies in the field of nutrition were displayed there. Visitors to Expo Milano – 2015 could get concrete answers to such vital questions as wholesome nutrition, safety of foodstuffs, their sufficiency for each inhabitant of the planet and suchlike. The exhibition drew a total attendance of more than 20 million people. Its program included over 7,000 events. All visitors were given a chance to taste the best cuisine and dishes, to learn much about the gustatory traditions, agriculture and the food industry of each participant of Expo Milano – 2015.

The Republic of Uzbekistan took part in the event by organizing a national pavilion in the “Fruit & Legume Crops” Cluster, which occupied an area of 500 sq. m.

Its introductory section offered information about the country, its ancient history, the present-day potentialities, its strong developing economy, investment potential, cooperation in the field of international transit by road and rail freightage, its stupendous tourist potential, culture etc.

The theme sections of the Uzbek national pavilion at the World Exhibition Expo Milano – 2015 highlighted the vast export potential of the Republic’s agriculture, investment potentialities of the dynamically developing food and processing industries, measures to ensure the national food sufficiency, rich wine-making traditions and characteristic features of Uzbek cuisine.

The work of the Uzbek exposition was accompanied by the demonstration of special educational, sightseeing and scientific films dedicated to the themes of its numerous sections.

The home-made produce was shown at the World Food Forum by the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Supply of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Farmers’ Union, the State Committee on Nature Conservation, the Association of Food-Industry Enterprises, the holding company Uzvinsanoatholding, the Joint-Stock Company Uzdonmakhsulot and the State Joint-Stock Company Uzkimyosanoat.

Expo Milano – 2015 covered the total floor space of 1.1 million sq. m. The exhibition finished its work on 31 October 2015.

One more exhibition is worth mentioning. The Republic of Uzbekistan participated in the International Food Exhibition 2015, held in Riga (Latvia) on 2-5 September. Last year, this biggest food event of the Baltics marked its 20th anniversary and attracted the record number of participators – almost 700 companies from 37 countries. Uzbekistan has been taking part in the exhibition 3 years in succession. Covering the floor space of 107 sq. m., the national stand astonished hordes of visitors by a great variety of fresh fruit and vegetables, melons and gourds, bean cultures, greens, spices, dried fruits, juices, tinned produce, confectionery, national sweets etc. displayed there. The interesting exposition of Uzbekistan was a success with the forum’s visitors. AO National Exhibition Complex, Uzexpocenter was rewarded with certificates (diploma) for active participation of the Uzbek delegation in Riga Food 2015, as well as for the bright demonstration of home-made produce on the Republic’s national stand.

In 2016, Uzexpocenter plans to arrange 50 exhibitions in its exhibition halls, of which 33 are host exhibition projects and 17 - indigenous ones.

These days, the Joint-Stock National Exhibition Complex, Uzexpocenter is seeking to improve the quality and to expand the spectrum of services offered to customers, as well as to upgrade the company’s infrastructural facilities by studying all remarks and wishes expressed by its partners and guests alike.

(Source: «Business partner.uz» newspaper)


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