May 6, 2015
Egyptian newspaper \"Shabab an-Nil\" (Youth of Egypt) continues to publish a series of articles devoted to the results of the presidential elections in our country. So, two material published in the regular issue, authors of which have become the Secretary General of the Egyptian liberal party \"Al-Karama\", the chairman of the Egyptian-Uzbek Friendship Society in Cairo Magdy Zabal and director of the National Library in Luxor Ahmad Noobie Musa, who participated in the elections of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan as an international observer from Egypt.

In the first article - \"President Islam Karimov is folk hero of Uzbekistan\" notes that the high voter turnout and high percentage of votes cast for the incumbent president of the country, according to the trust and love of the people of Uzbekistan to their leader.\"Presidential elections in Uzbekistan showed that social aspects are a guarantee of political stability.

Gradual reform strategy and development of the country, based on the developed by the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov five famous principles and internationally recognized as the \"Uzbek model\" ensures macroeconomic stability and high economic growth rates. Dynamic socio-economic development of the country, implemented under the wise leadership of Islam Karimov, and social justice in the distribution of natural resources provides a steady rise in living standards. In turn, these factors inspire the citizens of Uzbekistan for the selfless work for the sake of progress and prosperity of the country, forming a national identity and a sense of pride in belonging to their homeland\", - says the publication.

Another publication entitled \"Socio-economic development and foreign policy under his leadership was the key to his convincing victory in the elections\", notes that were held in March of this year\'s presidential elections in Uzbekistan are another significant step in the strengthening of democracy and the consolidation of society.

\"I voted for Karimov, the vast majority of citizens thus made its choice in favor of continuing the course of reforms, democracy and prosperity of the country\", - emphasized in the article.

Further, the author writes that, explores also highlighted the importance of the foreign policy activities of the Republic of Uzbekistan. \"So, on the initiative of President Islam Karimov, the Central Asian region declared a zone free of nuclear weapons. This question is very relevant for the situation in the Middle East.

The correct and accurate foreign policy leadership of Uzbekistan is becoming increasingly important to ensure regional security and stability that will allow all of Central Asia to develop the economy and live in peace and harmony with its neighbors\", - he concluded the Egyptian expert.

IA \"Jahon\", Cairo


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