April 20, 2015
Israeli experts: \"Uzbekistan\'s election system meets the highest democratic standards\"
In Israel held a seminar on \"The practice of holding transparent and democratic elections: experience of Uzbekistan\".

The event, organized by the Embassy of our country in Tel Aviv, attended by representatives of social and political circles, political scientists and leading experts of think tanks, as well as a number of observers of the Israeli media.

During the workshop the audience was informed on the final results of the presidential elections in Uzbekistan adopted in the republic measures to ensure transparency and publicity campaign.

The participants were briefed on the results of socio-economic development of our country in 2014 and the most important priorities of economic program for the current year. They are also informed of the main provisions of the State program \"Year of attention and care for the senior generation\".

Within the seminar Israeli expert-academic centers\' politicians and representatives made presentations.

So, the president of the International Center for Electoral Systems A.Tsinker noted in his speech as follows:

- Since gaining independence, the country began a radical reform of the political system. Formation of democratic suffrage was proclaimed one of the most important areas of adopted course. With the development of state the foundation of the electoral system was laid, which currently includes a whole range of legislative acts.

Improvement of electoral legislation is an important part of the course on implementing democratic reforms carried out in Uzbekistan. This process has its own characteristics and is conducted consistently, taking into account the real historical conditions, traditions and mentality and political participation.

Serious package of legislative changes and additions made by the President of Uzbekistan in 2003 and 2008, allowed to formulate practically new national electoral system of the country. \"The concept of deepening democratic reforms and formation of civil society\", proposed by Islam Karimov in 2010, in fact, become a road map, identifying priority areas for the construction of a strong rule of law.

As practice of holding elections in Uzbekistan shows, a country seriously advanced in terms of establishment of democracy in the electoral process.

I am sure that all introduced legislative initiatives, constitutional amendments and additions will provide further liberalization of the electoral process, freedom of will of the people and the most transparent electoral system.

In turn, the president of the Holon Institute of Technology E.Yakubov stressed:

- Elections are an essential attribute of a democratic constitutional state. In this regard, the experience of Uzbekistan on the part of the organization and conduct of elections is commendable. The country has done a great work to create the necessary legal framework to ensure the most important principle of democracy - the right choice, free will of citizens. To date, the country\'s electoral system meets the highest democratic standards.

I would like to draw attention to the high turnout of voters. The turnout indicated 91,08% of voters. In my understanding the political activity of the population is a clear indicator of the success of the \"Uzbek model\" of development.

Monitoring of the elections conducted by representatives of authoritative international organizations and observers from 43 countries, representing America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

The general opinion of experts, national model of electoral system established in Uzbekistan conforms to generally accepted democratic standards and guarantees the fundamental principles of the organization and holding of open and free elections.

IA \"Jahon\", Tel Aviv


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