April 22, 2015
A \"round table\" held in Paris
In Paris a \"round table\" on the outcome of the election of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan was held. It was organized by the Embassy of our country in France in cooperation with the Institute of Forecasting and Security in Europe (IFSE).

The event was attended by international observers from France, who monitored the electoral process, as well as representatives of French political, academic and expert circles. A discussion of the results of the presidential elections in Uzbekistan, held on March 29 this year. It was noted that elections were held in a qualitatively new socio-political and socio-economic conditions significantly increased inter-party competition, political and civic activity of the population of Uzbekistan, in accordance with generally accepted international standards and the country\'s electoral law.

It was emphasized that the evidence of their democracy and transparency was attended by more than 300 observers from 43 countries and five international organizations - the OSCE, CIS, SCO, AWEB and OIC.

As part of the \"round table\" were international observers from France.

President of the Institute of forecasting and security in Europe Emmanuel Dupui, in particular, from the obtained during a visit to Uzbekistan experience highlighted the obvious fact steady and continuous improvement of the electoral process.

- This noteworthy fact is undoubtedly connected with the modernization of an appropriate legislative framework on the basis of its own national vision and progressive international experience, - he said. - Being in Uzbekistan, we observed the elections in various regions of the country that gave us the possibility of objective comparison and detection of high organizational level of the electoral process, high political activity of the population, especially young people.

For Europeans obvious role of Uzbekistan, which he plays in ensuring regional stability and security. That is why during his visit to the country IFSE together with the Institute for Strategic and Regional Studies was organized by the international scientific-practical seminar on \"The Role of Uzbekistan in ensuring security and sustainable development in Central Asia\".

Europe and, particularly, France, based on the contemporary realities and their own safety, should recognize the strategic importance of the region and to expand cooperation with him.

Professor, Deputy Director of the Institute of Urban Planning and Development of the University of the Sorbonne Paris IV, an expert on Sustainable Development Jean-Antoine Duprat said that the recently held presidential elections, as well as parliamentary, were organized at a very high level and in full compliance with international democratic principles.

- This is also confirmed by observers from other countries and international organizations with whom I exchanged views, - he said. - I would especially like to acknowledge clear and well-coordinated work of polling stations and created conditions within them. Having visited a number of polls in the Khorezm region, on the eve of and on election day, I was pleasantly surprised by the level of preparation. I would also like to note the high activity of people of Uzbekistan during the vote, an important mechanism for the participation of citizens in government. This means that the Uzbek people confident in its future, to further strengthen the democratic state with a strong civil society.

The lawyer of Volterra Fietta, Senior Lecturer at University of Paris of \"Law, Economics and Management\", international observer, Pierre-Emmanuel Dupont also shared his findings on the basis of observation of presidential elections took place in our country.

- Personally, I have visited more than a dozen of polling stations in Samarkand, and I should note their level of logistics system, - he said. - The results of the presidential elections fully comply with the mood and expectations of the Uzbek people. By voting in an absolute majority for the President Islam Karimov, he chose a course for political stability, further economic and social progress and the strengthening of the international authority of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Project Director of the Association \"Sogdian\" Didier Chaudet:

- I had a chance to observe the presidential elections in Andijan and Tashkent. High voter turnout left significant impressions on me, as well as on other foreign observers . Overall, the atmosphere observed in the election can be called a national holiday cohesion and unity. I have visited more than a dozen polling stations in Andijan, where everywhere felt cheerful, creative attitude. These positive impressions of the presidential election for a long time remain in our memory.

People made their choice in favor of an important stable, progressive, democratic development of the country, which is important for the entire region.

IA \"Jahon\", Paris


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