April 22, 2015
Malaysian observers about the high voter turnout on presidential elections in Uzbekistan
On the website of the Malaysian National News Agency Bernama published an article devoted to the election of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The author of materials - journalist of this agency Nor Farid Abdul Rashid, who visited our country to highlight this political event.

According to Bernama, Vice-President of the Senate of Malaysia Datuk Doris Sophia Brody, who visited Uzbekistan to observe the recent presidential elections, praised the turnout of 91% or 18,942,000 citizens who went to the polls during elections on March 29, 2015.

\"My general observation showed that the system of democracy in the country corresponds to the national spirit. Since independence, Malaysia has not observed a similar turnout\", - she said in a recent interview to Bernama.

Doris Sophia Brody, who led a delegation of three other senators and was invited to observe the transparency of the presidential elections, noted that the Uzbeks were enthusiastic when choosing a leader of his country.

She stressed that out of more than 18 million people voted more than 17 million, or about 90 percent voted for Islam Karimov, who was elected to the presidency.

\"I can conclude that Islam Karimov has wide support and has many supporters, he made a great contribution to the development of the country. I imagine him as \"the architect\" of the Republic of Uzbekistan. He leads the state since independence (1991)\", - she said.

Another aspect that also caught her attention. Unlike in Malaysia polling stations were not only in schools. In universities and even hospitals were established polling stations and due to this fact there was no long queues.

\"I visited the branch of the Russian University n.a. Lomonosov, where one of the polling stations was organized. For the voters the elections were more like a holiday that coincides with the elections, and people were just happy\", - she noted.

Vice-President of the Malaysian Senate stressed that she was also informed by the Central Election Commission (CEC) on the funding of the election campaign. So, each party, which has nominated its candidate, received an equal amount of money from the government.

Deputy Chief Electoral Officer Datuk Seri Mohd Hashim Abdullah, Malaysian observer, who also came on the parliamentary elections, praised the support of the people who showed their willingness to vote for a worthy leader. The observer expressed the hope that the voters in Malaysia will follow Uzbek people\'s example.

Speaking with a reporter of Bernama, he also noted exerted by the CEC respect and care about voters who have not had the opportunity to visit the polls. Voting at home was arranged for them.

In Bukhara, a city that is called \"museum city\", the head of the precinct election commission Mirzahid Islomovich Daminov told Bernama, the high 90% turnout in Uzbekistan is \"natural\", stressing that the voters could freely choose and vote for the leader, who could lead the country forward.

According to the CEC, 17,122,597 voters or 90,39% voted for Karimov and Akmal Saidov received 582,688 votes or 3,08%, Hotamjon Ketmonov had 552,309 votes or 2,92%, Narimon Umarov collected 389,024 votes or 2,05%.

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