April 15, 2015
\"Round table\" at the International Institute of Administrative Sciences
At the International Institute of Administrative Sciences a \"round table\" on the outcome of the election of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, on 29 March 2015 was organized by diplomatic mission of our country in Belgium.

The event was attended by members of the European Parliament, representatives of the European Commission, the Belgian official institutions, business, expert-analytical and social circles, as well as the media.

Round table participants were informed in detail about the process of preparation and holding of elections of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, national efforts to further liberalize the political system, expanding the role of political parties and civil society institutions, increase production capacity and development of private business.

It was noted that the election of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan took place openly and publicly, in full accordance with the national electoral legislation and universally recognized democratic principles of international law. Elections were also an evidence of unity of the people of Uzbekistan on the path of building a democratic state of law and a strong civil society, deepening of economic reforms aimed at improving people\'s welfare and prosperity of the country. It was emphasized that the high activity of the electorate displays growing political maturity of the citizens of Uzbekistan, who are acutely aware that their decision depends on the further development of the country.

Participants of the event on the European side in their speeches praised the results of the elections.

David Geerts, MP of Belgium:

- During my stay in Uzbekistan, I became convinced in high level of its socio-economic development. Phased development policy carried out in the Republic fully justified itself, as particularly evidenced by the fact that even in the face of the ongoing global financial and economic crisis Uzbekistan shows consistently high rates of socio-economic development.

Presidential elections in Uzbekistan held on March 29, 2015 were the most important event in the life of the state, which has become a worthy reflection of the processes of democratization in the country.

Participation in the election of more than 90% of the total number of voters is a testament to the fact that the country has a high level of political culture, the population seeks to actively participate in the government and is interested in the election of a worthy candidate at the head of the state.

It is encouraging that during the election campaigns of presidential candidates were given equal opportunities, which they have the most implemented in strict accordance with current legislation. Candidates\' posters were hung not only in large cities, but also in rural areas. For campaigning candidates were granted for 900 minutes of airtime on television and radio in Uzbekistan, which is extremely important for propaganda work.

Rolet Loretan, Director General of the International Institute of Administrative Sciences:

- In your country established necessary legal framework for the election that meets international standards, clearly defined functions and system of work of the CEC, in the elections themselves ensure equity, by secret ballot, non-interference in the election process.

Nomination of presidential candidates from political parties is an indicator of development of multi-party system, the growth of the role of parties and, in general, the legislative branch. It is also important that the observers were given the opportunity to visit various polling stations, where they were provided answers to all the questions.

During the visit, I was struck by the unique beauty of ancient architectural monuments that testify to the past greatness of the country. I would like to acknowledge the tremendous contribution of such prominent figures of Uzbekistan as Abu Ali Ibn Sina, Al-Khorazmiy, Ulugbek and many others in the development of world science and thought. Great ancestors can be proud of present-day Uzbekistan, which firmly goes on the path of strengthening democratic state with a developed market economy.

Stefan Goris, President of the European Academy of Election Observation:

- During my stay in Uzbekistan, I witnessed a unique model of democracy, which includes in itself the best of developed democratic countries experience.

The process of preparation and holding of presidential elections was organized at a high level in accordance with local laws and international standards. As in Samarkand and Bukhara I was deeply impressed by the enthusiasm of ordinary citizens, as well as representatives of self-government bodies - Mahalla, who assisted in every way, and have contributed greatly to the success of this important social and political events.

Activity of women in the process of preparation and holding of presidential elections is particularly noteworthy, which is very important in a young democracy like Uzbekistan. This factor once again proves that democracy in your country is successfully developing in the right direction.

IA \"Jahon\", Brussels


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