April 13, 2015
Korean experts on the results of the election of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan
The National Electoral Commission of the Republic of Korea (NEC) held a briefing on the outcome of presidential elections in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

During the event, the South Korean side got thoroughly acquainted with the results of the voting, as well as the activities of the Central Election Commission of the country at all stages of preparation and holding of elections.

Speakers at the meeting, representatives of the NEC stressed that presidential elections were held in Uzbekistan have been openly and democratically, in full compliance with the national electoral legislation and international norms and principles.

It was noted that during the election campaign to all candidates for the presidency were created equal conditions and opportunities, including the use of print and electronic media, and television both national and local importance. Separately, underlined the high level of organization and activities of election commissions, whose members worked smoothly and without serious errors. At the same time, South Korean experts commented favorably on the conditions are created for voters, including the availability of medical offices and children\'s rooms.

In general, according to representatives of the Republic of Korea, the electoral system of Uzbekistan deserves special attention, as it combines universally recognized democratic principles, international law, best practices of democratic states, as well as the traditions and values of the Uzbek people. In this case, the reform in the political, socio-economic and judicial sphere are performed sequentially and thoughtfully. Concluding the event, Director General of the Office of Legal Affairs NICK Pak Se Gak said that the presidential elections in Uzbekistan were held on the basis of equality, openness and transparency. \"Citizens are well aware of the electoral law, presidential candidates. This facilitated the election of the President in accordance with democratic principles\", - he said.

IA \"Jahon\", Seoul


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