March 31, 2015
Haldun Yavash: \"Presidential elections and the \"Uzbek model\" of development\"
On the website of the Caspian Strategic Institute (Turkey) published an article of Secretary General of this analytical center Haldun Yavash titled \"Presidential elections in Uzbekistan and the \"Uzbek model\" of development\".

It notes that in 2015 the republic\'s independence 24 years old. During this period, the country implemented the \"Uzbek model\" of development, providing for the implementation of reforms and transformations. \"To date, the country has successfully implemented political, social and economic reforms and as a priority for the coming period is defined gradual and consistent implementation of the principle \"From a strong state - to a strong civil society\", - noted in article.

The article emphasizes that the election of the President of Uzbekistan, which took place March 29 this year, held in full compliance with the principles of openness and transparency. Four political parties nominated their candidates for the presidency.

The author notes that reforms implemented in the political and legal spheres, the accelerated development of the economy strengthens the confidence of the Uzbek people in the future. \"A careful study of the reforms in Uzbekistan shows that the media has created a legal basis for freedom of information, media independence, increasing their role in democratization. In addition, country has also increased the role of civil society in the social sphere. Significantly increased their contribution to the provision of legal assistance, raising the political consciousness of citizens who work with young people and women, employment assistance and support vulnerable people\", - underlines publication.

However, Turkish expert says that development of social infrastructure and equipment of educational and health institutions are the priorities of the government of Uzbekistan. \"As a result of the reforms the country\'s economy has developed considerably. During the years of the country\'s sovereignty, it has grown by almost 5 times. After independence, in order to produce products with high added value, in Uzbekistan, a number of new high-tech industries were created. As a result, modernization of production in the country put into operation in the automotive industry. Currently, Uzbekistan is one of the 35 countries of car manufacturers in the world. Along with the structural changes observed in the republic increased entrepreneurial activity. Income from small and medium-sized businesses for years of independence has increased from 10.6 to 52 percent. This is one of the highest rates in the CIS\", - says H.Yavash.

The author also notes that today Uzbekistan has reached a new stage of development. \"Within the Republic of democratic reforms in all fields marked a turning point for the development of the country. In order to meet the needs of the Uzbek people, increasing employment, improving the political culture strengthened civil society in Uzbekistan with the direct support of the state. In addition, changes made in the Constitution and electoral laws of the country were important steps in building a democratic society. Given the fact that along with political and legal reforms in the country\'s economy develops and improves the well-being of the people, we can assume that at the last presidential election the people once again supported to gain their trust and respect for the country\'s leadership\", - concluded the author.

IA \"Jahon\", Ankara


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