March 31, 2015
Election of the President of Uzbekistan took place in accordance with the laws and international standards
In our country election of President of the Republic of Uzbekistan on March 29 was observed by around 300 representatives of foreign states and international organizations, reports National Information Agency UzA.

Observers shared their views on the electoral system in Uzbekistan, preparations for the presidential elections, the voting process, the results implemented in our country large-scale reforms.

Dmitry Mezentsev, Secretary General of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization:

- Our mission on election day from an early morning visited the polling stations in Tashkent. Seeing how active young voters and older people are expressing their will, we feel a special atmosphere of national unity and belonging to the fate of their homeland. The political activity of the population - a vivid indicator of success of the independent development of the country.

I wish the people of Uzbekistan further dynamic, consistent, confident and sustainable development. The will expressed by citizens of the country - is the foundation for new successes that will strengthen the position of Uzbekistan in the region, within the framework of international organizations, in particular, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

Ali Abolhassani, head of the observer mission of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), Director of the OIC Political Department:

- Observation of the election of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan began polling station 471 in Tashkent. Seeing how active voters show up early, what their elation, I realized that they are deeply aware of their involvement in the fate of the country and its future. This indicates that in Uzbekistan firmly established democratic principles.

Witnessed a thorough preparation for the elections, to create a broad conditions and opportunities for free and active voting citizens. In short, the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan took place at a high level, in a spirit of openness and transparency.

Constantly watching carried out large-scale reforms in Uzbekistan. I would like to emphasize consistently developing economy of Uzbekistan. Country achieves high economic performance, gaining the attention of the world community. Extensive reforms carried out in order to further democratization, development of civil society. We are encouraged by consistently developing cooperation between Uzbekistan and our organization. We - the supporters of further strengthening our relationships, the active implementation of projects in the field of economics.

Sergei Lebedev, Chairman of the Executive Committee - CIS Executive Secretary:

- As part of our mission - 72 representatives from the CIS countries. As a team leader to supervise the activities of polling stations in Tashkent and Jizakh regions, convinced that was conducted comprehensively over preparations for the elections. During interviews with the population without exception, voters expressed a unanimous opinion that they voted for peace and stability in the country, its further development. Indeed, Uzbekistan is moving towards sustainable development. Beautiful landscaped and all towns and villages. Particularly pleased with the changes and updates in Jizzakh. The city has changed beyond recognition. These changes are satisfied and representatives of the mission.

Held in Uzbekistan elections fully comply with accepted international standards. Extensive preparatory work carried out by election commissions, manifested in the fact that the vote took place at a high level.

Gao Yusheng, Ambassador of Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

- I monitored the election process in many different countries, and compared them with the voting procedure in Uzbekistan has a definite advantage. In addition to the high-level organization of the elections and compliance with national and international law, I want to note the following. At each polling station was organized by the medical office. I have never seen in any other country. There are rooms of mother and child, where special people involved with the children while their parents vote.

It is noteworthy that for those who for health reasons could not come to the site, and the elderly ballot boxes were transported home. This made it possible for every citizen to realize their rights and in practice has proved how the state takes care of the older generation.

Carol Robertson Lopez, executive director of the Children\'s Fund of New Mexico (USA):

- From early morning visit to the polling station 696 in Fergana. I was surprised voter turnout, especially elated youth. Election of the President were held in accordance with democratic requirements, and the voters to vote for those candidates who are most worthy.

I keep watching the ongoing reforms in Uzbekistan. In the country from year to year improved the electoral system. One of the most important factors in this is to create equal opportunities for candidates for election campaigning. This was confirmed by campaign materials in the media, a huge banner that were installed on the streets. It is noteworthy that paid special attention to young people, for the first time voting. Involving young people in political life is an important factor in strengthening stability in the country. Participate in the vote counting process observers from political parties nominated candidates, confirms that the elections were conducted openly and publicly.

Pierre-Emmanuel Thomann, Dr. European Institute for International Relations (Belgium):

- Every time I come to Uzbekistan, I discover something new. I\'m happy that during this visit I saw the ancient Khorezm and fabulous Khiva. Khiva is the same as I had read about it in books - it is, indeed, the city-museum in the open air.

It should be noted excellent facilities polling stations. In any country I have not seen in areas equipped with mother and child room, a corner for the elderly. For me, it was a pleasant novelty.

Limb Jong-Myong, editor of the magazine \"Diplomacy\" (Republic of Korea):

- In Uzbekistan, the presidential elections held on the basis of equality, openness and transparency. Getting acquainted with the electoral laws of your country, make sure that it meets all democratic requirements. This is recognized by the world community. Reforms are implemented consistently and thoughtfully. That is why all areas of the country are developing dynamically and efficiently.

Kenichi Matsumoto, president of the Japan Organization for external technical assistance in the field of medical equipment (OMETA), chairman of the Foundation \"Matsumoto\":

- To get acquainted with the process of voting at the polling station number 158 and other parts of Tashkent. All of them were equipped in accordance with democratic principles, voters were actively involved in this important political event.

It should be noted that there is no universal model of democracy, which should be implemented equally in all states. Each system will yield good results, if implemented, taking into account the interests, culture, traditions and customs of a particular nation, geographical and historical conditions of the country. Uzbekistan\'s election system deserves special attention because it combines international standards, best practices of democratic states, traditions and values of the Uzbek people. I think that the elections should be held in the same free, fair, open and transparent, orderly, peaceful and calm, as in Uzbekistan.

Everyone knows that Uzbekistan pays great attention to the education of physically strong and spiritually mature young generation. Along with the established in the country the necessary conditions to increase the intellectual potential of young people and their involvement in the study of foreign languages, full disclosure talent deserves special praise as extensive work to promote sports among boys and girls. I appreciate the efforts of Uzbekistan for the harmonious development of young people, which is the decisive force of tomorrow.

Kim Yong Gu, president of \"Shindong Resources\" (Republic of Korea):

- The electoral legislation of Uzbekistan fully meets international standards. Election of the President took place openly, publicly, in accordance with generally accepted democratic principles.

Having visited a number of polling stations, I was struck by the activity of citizens. Create a room mother and child, medical offices, indicating that the attention paid in Uzbekistan to public health, especially women and children, in other words, to the future of the country.

It is necessary to establish itself in the enviable Uzbekistan peace and tranquility, stability and harmony.

Michael Thomas, executive director of the company \"Pathfinder Trade and Invest\" (United Kingdom):

- Election of the President of Uzbekistan held in high spirits, on the basis of equality, openness, transparency and democracy.

As a result, a high-level organization of the elections, qualifications of members of precinct election commissions and their teamwork was not observed any cases that could result in complaints.

I would like to mention the country\'s efforts to promote peace and stability in the region. Stable environment, peaceful and quiet life in Uzbekistan plays an important role in strengthening international cooperation and attracting foreign investment, which serve as the country\'s economy. After all, business is booming, where there is peace and stability.

IA \"Jahon\"


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