March 29, 2015
I am proud of being a citizen of Uzbekistan
It was not easy to achieve peace and tranquility prevailing in the country, as well as success in all areas, prosperous life of the people. The basis of this embodied sighted, fair policy reforms aimed at ensuring human rights and interests.

This year we will celebrate the 24th anniversary of independence of our country. Over the years, our country has been carried out on a huge scale work. In particular, special attention is paid to strengthening the legal and institutional framework for the health sector, the modernization of the medical system, the consistent application in all areas of health technology advanced world of medicine.

Implemented measures to expand the scope provided primary care and preventive care for people. In the field, built about three thousand rural medical centers and family clinics, which are equipped with new equipment and facilities. Its sequentially continuing work on the basis of the concept of \"Healthy mother - healthy child\".

In the country from year to year growing amount of funds allocated from the state budget to improve the quality of medical care, strengthening the material-technical base of the health care system, the construction and equipping of medical facilities at international standards. In 2014, as part of the investment program for the construction and reconstruction of 137 facilities have been allocated 382.4 billion soums. The project \"Health-3\" district medical associations is available modern medical equipment used in the diagnosis and treatment of patients.

During medical and social reforms, carried out in recent years, were focused on promoting a healthy lifestyle among the population, raising it to the medical researches, early treatment of primary disease. At the initiative of the Ministry of Health of Uzbekistan in these medical institutions with the participation of leading scientists and experts are organized in-depth medical examinations.

As a result of such events increases public confidence in health services. This is an important factor in the prevention of diseases, improve the health and longevity of our people.

Election of the President - an important political event of great importance for the consistent continuation of wide-ranging reforms aimed at ensuring the interests of the individual. Early this morning at the polling station number 541 Yunusobod district I voted for the candidate, who is considered worthy of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

At a polling station was lively. Looking at the happy faces of the people who deliver our youth respect and reverence for elders, my heart was filled with a sense of pride in the fact that I am a citizen of the country in which rules peace and tranquility, the atmosphere of mutual understanding and harmony.

Bakhtiyor Gafurov, Head of neurology department at Tashkent institute for advanced training of physicians, professor


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