February 26, 2015
Afghan experts: The people of Uzbekistan for stability and prosperity
The Embassy of our country in Kabul held a \"round table\" dedicated to the upcoming elections of the President of Uzbekistan.

It was attended by representatives of political, public and academic circles of Afghanistan, which provided detailed information on the preparations for the presidential elections.

The event participants familiarized with current Uzbekistan\'s Central Election Commission activities in the preparatory process, as well as to nominate four political parties, members of the parliament.

During the \"round table\" was also demonstrated a documentary about the \"Uzbek model\" of development and achievements of our country\'s independence.

Speakers Afghan experts emphasized the role and importance of free elections in the way of building a democratic state and strong civil society in Uzbekistan.

So, the head of administration of the first vice-president of Afghanistan F.Zaki stressed that the upcoming elections of the Head of the republic are the most important political event in the life of the people in determining the ongoing development of the state in the long term.

According to him, the created legal environment meets global standards of electoral practice, provide an opportunity for citizens to show completely free expression of their will.

In turn, members of the lower house of parliament Afghanistan N.Faek praised the practical results of the ongoing democratic reforms in Uzbekistan and reforms to protect the rights, freedoms and interests.

In his view, Uzbeks make a worthy choice for your future, progressive development in all spheres and quiet life in the country.

According to the vice-president of the Academy of Sciences of Afghanistan M.Afzali, during the years of independence Uzbekistan has managed to make a huge leap forward and create the necessary conditions for a dignified and happy life.

He stressed that there is no doubt that the voting will be held lawfully and fairly, in accordance with democratic principles and generally accepted norms of international law.

Special Representative of the President of Afghanistan on the development of political relations with the countries of the region Sh.Korgar emphasized that sustainable economic growth, achieving energy and food self-sufficiency, gradual liberalization of various spheres of social and political life show correctness of the chosen path of building Uzbekistan\'s own sovereign democratic state and civil society.

According to him, the republic gained a lot of experience in the electoral field and improved legal mechanisms to ensure democracy and transparency of the electoral process, will ensure the success of the upcoming presidential election.

IA \"Jahon\", Kabul


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