February 25, 2015
In Austria about politics and economics of Uzbekistan
As previously reported, the Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Austria together with Austrian-Uzbek Friendship Society and the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber in Vienna was briefed on the elections of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the economic achievements of our country.

Following the event, some of the participants gave an interview Agency \\\"Jahon\\\" in Vienna.

Alois Kraut, Chargé d\\\'Affaires of the Republic of Austria in the Republic of Uzbekistan with residence in Vienna:

- I am often in Uzbekistan on duty. Our countries are developing mutually beneficial cooperation in the political, economic, cultural and humanitarian spheres. We are pleased that a lack of cooperation in the field of education and work has already begun with the Uzbek universities.

Uzbekistan - an important partner for Austria in Central Asia and we are interested in broadening and deepening our relationship. This, I hope, will contribute to the well-established direct air service, which will be operational in the near future.

Lugbauer Herbert, president of the Austrian-Uzbek Friendship Society, manager of the Austrian company Askin & Co.:

- The problem of our society, first and foremost, to develop bilateral cooperation between Austria and Uzbekistan. Today we see a high degree of interest in this interaction. I want to thank you for the invitation to observe the presidential elections in your country. Being familiar with the experience of the Central Election Commission of Uzbekistan during its mission of international observers in the parliamentary elections in December last year, I want to emphasize the high level and coordination of work of the electoral system in general elections in Uzbekistan. From my part, let me say that I will continue to make a contribution to the development of our warm and friendly relations.

Michael Angerer, director of the department on work with the CIS countries of the Federal Economic Chamber of Austria:

- I run the program on cooperation with entrepreneurs and am happy to work with such a dynamic country like Uzbekistan. Our connection is very fruitful. Last year we visited the republic and were able to get acquainted with your economic and investment potential, to meet with the Uzbek businessmen.

Stable economic growth in Uzbekistan is impressive, and we hope that the country will continue to grow at the same pace.

I am confident that the upcoming presidential elections in Uzbekistan will be an important step in the process of further reform, and their results will contribute to the further effective cooperation of our countries in the economic sphere.

Carl Pisek, entrepreneur, chairman of the Austrian entrepreneurs:

- Uzbekistan - a steadily developing country, and, as we have seen, the Uzbek people to actively participate in the political life of the country. In light of the upcoming presidential elections wish your country further sustained progress on the path of progress.

It should be noted that Austria is interested in cooperation with Uzbekistan, as evidenced by the large number of entrepreneurs gathered at the briefing today. We, as Uzbekistan is a country that does not have direct access to the sea, and so we have a lot in common. I hope we will continue to strengthen our cooperation and build an economic bridge between Europe and Uzbekistan.

Lugbauer Rudolph, director of the Austrian company Askin & Co .:

- We have over 10 years working in Uzbekistan, and in 2010 was opened our office in Tashkent. Many times I have been to your country and I can say that it provides entrepreneurs with great opportunities for cooperation. Uzbekistan is developing rapidly, and along with the economic growth we are seeing its political development. I think that presidential elections will strengthen the process of democratization and liberalization in the country.

Helmut Kovarik, director of the Austrian company Pharmaton, Regional Director Notapharm GmbH, a member of the Austrian-Uzbek Institute:

- I have repeatedly visited Uzbekistan. Recently, as an observer, I took part in the parliamentary elections that took place in your country in December 2014. We were struck by the enthusiasm and activity of the Uzbek people during the vote, which is so lacking in the election of our compatriots. According to the results of his observations would also like to note that the electoral system of Uzbekistan complies with international democratic standards.

IA \\\"Jahon\\\", Vienna


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