December 21, 2010
Uzbekistan adopts programme on developing industry in 2011-2015
President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov signed a resolution “On priorities of developing industry in Uzbekistan in 2011-2015” on 15 December 2010. The document was adopted to ensure sustainable, dynamic and balanced development of industry in Uzbekistan, deepen structural reforms directed at diversification of main sectors of industrials and the growth of export potential, further growth of efficiency and competitiveness of industries, complex and enterprises through their modernization, technical and technological update of production. The main tasks and priority directions of developing industry in Uzbekistan in 2011-2015 set as: • Developing concrete, deeply and well though long-term perspectives of developing main sectors and industries, and deepening structural reforms of economy, directed at diversification of main sectors of industries, based on this; • Ensuring stable normative figures and tariffs in order to raise competitiveness of local industrial products, decrease dependency on industry and economy development from changes of global markets; • Further deepening structural reforms in industry directed at developing priority sectors such as energy, oil and gas chemical, chemical, textile and light industry, non-ferrous metallurgy, machinery and automobile industry, pharmaceuticals, quality and deep processing of agriculture products, production of construction materials, increasing role and place of Uzbekistan in global labout market, production of competitive products with high share of added cost, highly demanded in global markets; • Carrying out wide-scale modernization, technical and technological re-equipment of production capacities, equipping them with modern high-technologic equipment, speeding up introduction of modern scientific achievements and innovative technologies, expanding training of skilled specialists for industry; • Ensuring sustainable growth of export potential, increasing production of export-oriented industrial goods, expanding sales markets based on diversified production, deepening and quality processing of local raw materials; • Further developing inter-industrial cooperation and localization of production, creating conditions for fast developing small businesses and private entrepreneurship in industrial sectors, placing industrial capacities in all regions of Uzbekistan and ensuring import replacement, creating new jobs and ensuring employment of population, their income and life standards; • Increasing efficiency of industrial output due to increasing productiveness of labour, gradual decreasing production expanses and prime cost, introducing energy and resource saving technologies, improving production organization, eliminating losses and non-production expenses; • Introducing international quality standards and technical regulations at production of industrial goods, ensuring their competitiveness in external market. The programme on priority directions of developing industry in Uzbekistan in 2011-2015 includes: • Target figures of developing industry in Uzbekistan and diversification of its structures for 2011-2015; • List of realized and prepared to implementation of investment projects in industry, on which sources of finance were determined and agreed; • List of new investment projects in industry, which are in developing stage (selection of foreign partner, determining terms and sources of finances); • List of perspective investment projects in industry, on which preliminary works are underway. The Uzbek leader imposed a responsibility to heads of state and economic bodies, enterprises, local administration, participating in implementation of investment projects, for implementation of approved programmes and introduction of objects in set terms. The resolution also exempted equipment, materials and spare parts, which are not produced in Uzbekistan and imported to implement projects of the programme, from customs duties till 1 January 2016 (except registration fee). The list of these products will be approved by the Uzbek Government.



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