March 24, 2010
President Congratulates Nation on the Holiday of Navruz
On March 23 Uzbekistan celebrated the holiday of Navruz - the fete of kindness and clemency, prosperity and generosity. On such landmark occasion President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov addressed his message of congratulations to the people of the country.

Here is the full text of the message in English as it has been translated from Uzbek at the Information Agency “Jahon”.


Welcoming address by President Islam Karimov at the celebrations dedicated to the Navruz holiday

Dear compatriots! Esteemed friends! Distinguished guests!

The long-awaited holiday of Navruz, which is a symbol of rejuvenation and renewal, arrives in our land abound with blessings.

As I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart, my dears, and our entire nation on this great celebration, allow me to express to all of you my highest respect and heartfelt wishes.

Dear compatriots!

From the very earliest times, Navruz is the sacred and esteemed for all of us, above all, as an awakening of nature, as a commencement of Oriental New Year, as the most ancient and truly national holiday, which has turned into an integral part of our spirituality.

Indeed, in this captivating season with the sun shining bright and warming the skies and soil we also feel ourselves as if we were born anew, as if our souls and hearts are filled with pure intentions and our entire being is imbibed with new power and energy.

It is at these radiant days as the human being enjoys the nature he strives to share a delight with his kith, kin and friends by sitting at the dastarkhans (festively laid national table) which is decorated with such springtime viands as sumalak and khalim, guja and kuksomsa.

It is at these beautiful moments at all cities and villages of our unique Homeland– from the Ferghana Valley to the mountains of Surkhan, from Karakalpakstan to the gardens of Samarkand, to the thick green foothills of the Tashkent oasis – our people, both young and old-aged compatriots blend in harmony with nature, hold the public fetes and various performances and welcome Navruz with profound joy and elation.

Each and every people irrespective of their nationality and ethnicity who live in our magnanimous land as one united family celebrate this wonderful holiday with enormous joy and delight.

It is on such particular moments the high features and noble values peculiar to our nation, i.e. tolerance and clemency, obtaining blessings of the most respected old men, showing the munificence, care and attention to orphans, rendering the gratuitous assistance and support to the needy and the sick, time and again do find their confirmation.

Yet another rare omen of this great and incomparable holiday is that with arrival of spring and flowers bursting into bloom each and every person embraces members of his family, his kith and kin, greets and welcomes not only his acquaintances, but also unknowns, wishes them a good health and peace, happiness and luck, as well as desires that peace and tranquility prevail and accord ever strengthens in our land, and skies be always clear over our heads.

As it is known from the several millennia-long history, in the season of Navruz various conflicts and standoffs are forgiven, such humane feelings as kindness and clemency, compassion and generosity, as well as unity ever strengthen.

Certainly, it is not by chance that taking into consideration the great contribution Navruz has made to universal civilization, starting from this year the United Nations recognized this holiday to be the World Navruz Day, and it accords to all of us a profound pride and delight.

Dear friends!

Our cordial and hospitable people always wish good and address best wishes as much to themselves as to other people. Availing myself of this opportunity, allow me to sincerely thank and cordially welcome the esteemed ambassadors of foreign states, staff members of foreign representations, our friends and partners from near and far abroad, who are participating at today’s celebration, treat us kindly and support us, render a big assistance for the development of our country.

Dear compatriots!

At this sacred time, when the unsullied breath of spring is blowing and our dekhkans (peasants) are sowing the seeds with new dreams and aspirations I embrace you all and once again congratulate on the holiday of Navruz.

I am happy to express my deep respect and sincere wishes to our esteemed veterans, who are adding a charm into this beautiful venue, our graceful sisters and our youth – my dear children, who shine with a joyous mood as well as power and strength.

May our New Year which starts with such a joy bring our Homeland peace, happiness, well being and prosperity!

Let our farmers be successful!

Let our yield and crops be plentiful!

Let our households be bountiful!

Happy Navruz to all of us!


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