March 10, 2010
UN and the SCO: New stage of cooperation
Uzbekistan is one of the founders of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and together with other State Parties actively participates in defining the development strategies of both the Organization and its relations with other actors in international politics. Uzbekistan is the chairman of the SCO since June 2009. The next summit of the SCO, which will sum up the results of the work to improve the effectiveness of the SCO, will be held in June 2010 in Tashkent. Improving the effectiveness of the SCO and further strengthening its credibility in the international community through the development of international contacts is one of the priorities of the presidency of Uzbekistan in the SCO. Among other achievements in a short period of the current presidency of Uzbekistan in the SCO, we can state the consensus adoption of the UN General Assembly Resolution on cooperation between the UN and the SCO in December 18, 2009. Co-authors of the document along with the SCO Member States - Uzbekistan, Russia, Kazakhstan, China, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan were also Pakistan and the Dominican Republic. As it was noted in the UN News Center reports, the resolution is aimed at systemizing the relations between the UN and the SCO, providing legal basis for the further strengthening of practical cooperation between sides. In accordance with resolution the UN Secretary General is offered to consult regularly with the SCO Secretary-General. The specialized agencies, organizations, programs and funds of the UN system are also recommended to cooperate with the SCO in order to implement programs jointly to achieve their goals. In this regard, it is recommended that the heads of such entities engage in consultations with UN Secretary General. It should be noted that in December 2004 in a plenary meeting of the 59th session of UN General Assembly there was adopted Resolution A/RES/59/48 on Granting SCO the observer status at the General Assembly. As such, the SCO delegation headed by the Secretary-General Mr. Deguang first participated in the 60th session of UN General Assembly in 2005. Since 2007 all SCO events are attended by senior representatives of UN Secretary-General, which indicates the growth of authority of the Shanghai organization. Over the time, SCO has established links and launched cooperation with ESCAP, UNDP and other UN agencies. At present, SCO and ESCAP, with the assistance of Asian Development Bank, are actively cooperating in the preparation of the draft Agreement between the Governments of SCO Member States on the establishment of favorable conditions for international road transportation. In January 2008, a Memorandum of Understanding between the Secretariats of the SCO and ESCAP was signed, which provides specific forms and areas of mutually beneficial cooperation, including consultation of experts to review the implementation of joint activities and discuss ways to further strengthen ties and exchange information of mutual interest. The development of contacts between the UN and the SCO is expanding the global network of interaction, involving the enormous potential of both organizations in joint activities. A major focus of such cooperation could be the interaction of participants and observers of the SCO with other interested countries, as well as regional and international organizations, primarily the UN and its specialized agencies, to resolve the Afghan conflict. Virtually all declarations of SCO member states, adopted at the summits of the Organization, emphasized the special role of the UN in maintaining international security and call for closer cooperation with it. Uzbekistan has repeatedly stated its strong commitment to strengthening the central coordinating role of the UN in organizing international stand against the terrorist threat. Therefore, one of the important directions of cooperation of the SCO and the UN can be the fight against international terrorism, radical, violent extremism and separatism, drug trafficking and organized crime. In this area, RATS plays a special role in the SCO, which is an effective tool and platform for combining efforts, as well as practical cooperation between law enforcement and intelligence services of Member States. It should be noted, that the RATS was established during the first presidency of Uzbekistan in the SCO in 2004. and its headquarters is located in Tashkent. Uzbekistan was in favor of a closer working relationship of RATS with specialized offices and UN agencies, such as the Counter-Terrorism Committee of UN Security Council, including the exchange of information on new trends in international terrorism, forms and methods of terrorist organizations, as well as on measures taken at the international level, including at the UN, to counter terrorism. There is a great potential for partnership between the UN and the SCO in the area of humanitarian cooperation. Cooperation in the field of medicine also plays an important role in exchanging experiences and coordinating efforts to combat the global spread of infectious diseases. Increased interaction between the UN and other organizations of its system with the SCO will promote the purposes and objectives of the UN aimed at deepening comprehensive cooperation in solving international problems of political, economic, social, cultural or humanitarian character. The interaction between the UN and the SCO should develop in such priority areas as security and stability, economic, social and human development, as well as other areas of mutual interest. Effective combination of vast experience of the UN and the potential of the SCO will provide further impetus to the institutional improvement of the organizations themselves, will contribute to regional and international security, sustainable development of the region.


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