February 3, 2010
PRESS RELEASE: Public opinion survey on results of 2009 in Uzbekistan
The public centre «Ijtimoiy fikr» carried out a survey on the topic «Uzbekistan: public opinion - 2009» with the purpose of studying public opinion on social-economic and political development of Uzbekistan in 2009.

The results of the survey have clearly shown that achievements of Uzbekistan for the years of independence in all spheres of society, internal and external policies of the country find all-round support of people and absolute approval from all strata of population.

According to unanimous opinion of the respondents, thanks to skilful economic policy of the Government and successful realization of the Anti-crisis program, it was possible not only to soften influence of the world financial and economic crisis on economy of Uzbekistan, but also to ensure steady economic growth, raise welfare standards and well-being of citizens.

The poll has also shown that world financial and economic crisis did not put negative influence on social moods of citizens of Uzbekistan concerning their expectations for 2010. The sustainable development of the national economy and all spheres of public life, as well as political stability served as a basis for their optimism. The overwhelming majority of citizens (88,9 %) is firmly convinced that in 2010 social and economic position of the country will further improve.

93,4 % of citizens assess the current social and economic position of the country as good and stable. Results of research revealed high level of satisfaction of citizens with accomplished results in social and economic development of the country, created conditions for effective development of a small and private businesses, level of maintenance of human rights and freedom, personal safety of citizens, social protection of population.

The poll of 2009, as in previous years, has once again confirmed that the people of Uzbekistan, irrespective of their place of residence, sex and age, social status and conviction, wholly support and approve the Government’s foreign policy based on principles of peace and friendship, transparency and equality.

As the study shows, the overwhelming majority of the population considers a financial position of his family as good. In particular, people in rural areas more often marked improvement of a financial position of their family. According to citizens, it is connected with a huge attention of President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov to improvement and well-being of the rural areas, further growth of efficiency of agricultural production, farming development. The people of the Republic are convinced that increasing the material well-being, quality and a standard of living of the population of the country have been reached thanks to steady and stable growth of economy.

According to the survey in 2009 it was observed growth of the number of citizens carrying out monetary savings, including by means of bank savings. The majority of citizens, as in previous years, thrifts money for carrying out weddings, purchasing dowry for their children, acquisition of the expensive goods and property, creation of material support for children and their education. These factors characterize the tendency of growth of population’s living standard.

The poll has also revealed that in 2009 providing the population with household services and utilities continued to improve.

Clear indicator of considerable growth of social-economic and financial situation of population is steady reduction of number of citizens, wishing to leave for other countries for permanent residence. If in 2007 for the permanent residence in other countries wished to leave almost every eleventh respondent, but in 2009 this number made only 3,0 %.

In 2009 the number of the people who have expressed desire to leave for other countries for labor migration has also decreased. It testifies, first of all, the growth of internal potential of labor employment of the national economy, creation of new workplaces, especially in rural areas.

According to the survey, there is a stable growth of the volume of wages and material incomes of citizens and it forms a basis of increase of level and quality of life. Positive influence on social mood of citizens also applies improvement of quality and perfection of work of the social infrastructure, developmental accomplishment in villages and cities. News agency \"Jahon\"


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