January 13, 2010
Press-release On the meeting of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov with journalists
On December 27, 2009 the President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov cast his vote in the elections to Legislative Chamber (Lower House) of Oliy Majlis (national parliament) and Tashkent City Council of People’s Deputies. Head of the state voted at the polling station No.644, where he met with journalists.

“I am confident that the principles of fairness and transparency will be strictly observed during today’s elections,” the President said. “Elections imply a free vote with profound understanding of one’s rights. By participating in the elections, we not only fulfill our right to vote guaranteed by the Constitution, but also acknowledge our responsibility for the future of our Homeland”, the President has underlined.

During the meeting President Islam Karimov stated that the political system of Uzbekistan implied the evolutionary development. Thus, he reminded that till 2004 the one-chamber parliament functioned in Uzbekistan, then parliament of two chambers began its work.

“Earlier there were no political parties struggling for political influence, for the power. Now the party fractions combat each other in Parliament”, the President said.

Having noted that four political parties participated in pre-election race, the President of Uzbekistan underlined that 3-4 candidates are presented at each electoral district.

“Citizens have a choice. Each voter votes not only for one or another candidate, but also for political party which it represents”, the President explained.

Speaking about the opportunity to take part in the elections, the President has underscored that it is not only the right, but also a civil obligation of everyone and “people should vote knowingly”.

Underlining that Uzbekistan goes on a way from a strong state to a strong civil society, the head of the state said, that “practical deeds are fulfilled for this purpose, the transfer of authority from the centre to places, first of all to citizens\' local self-government institutions”.

The President has paid attention to the sharp discussions developed between political parties during the pre-election campaign.

“In the recent past we were criticized for similarity of parties, for absence of discussions between them. This time we have come to such a stage, when each party, urging to vote for its representatives, criticizes opponents”, the President noted. Islam Karimov has underlined that it means continuation of struggle in the newly elected parliament. In this context, he has noticed that “it means civilized democratic competition”.

The President believed that the important issue, which the newly elected parliament is responsible for, is the control over the executive power.

According to the President, “the Parliament should be a conductor of democratic and liberal reforms in the country. Our purpose is to create a democratic state, with developed civil society, to take a worthy place among the politically and economically developed countries. I am confident that it is the most right way”.

As the Head of Uzbekistan has noted, the economic successes of Uzbekistan instill optimism to electorate and people to go to the elections with confidence and this confidence is provided by concrete real affairs.

According to the President, Uzbekistan, having denied the totalitarian system, has chosen its own way, the model of economic and political development, which has completely justified itself. “We did not try to copy anybody, did not aspire towards fast successes. But one of the characteristic principles of our model is an evolutionary development and social orientation”, the President has told.

Speaking about economic reforms and influence on the country of a global financial and economic crisis, the President Islam Karimov has noticed that there was no country in the world, which would not be involved in the crisis phenomena.

“We have appeared steady against crisis due to the fact that we have carried out the anti-recessionary program on time. Thus, the basic emphasis has been made to the helping real economy. The circumstances proved that the way Uzbekistan has chosen was the most correct and realistic. While transforming from administrative system to market economy, we have followed the principle “Do not destroy old house before building a new one”. We chose evolutional and step-by-step way of reforms,” the President said.

Reminding that the next year the state budget is confirmed with the growth of gross domestic product (GDP) of 8,3 %, the Head of Uzbekistan has noticed that the most important thing that the people can be proud of despite global financial and economic crisis, is the growth in the living standards of people.

The President has informed that for over the past ten years the average growth of GDP made up 7,1 %. Real incomes of population annually grew by 20 %, salary – by 31 %. The gold and exchange currency reserves have increased for over these years almost to 10 times.

Speaking about the tough environmental situation in the Central Asian region, Islam Karimov said that the problem of the Aral Sea could not be solved merely by organizing various symposia and conferences. He has stressed that practical steps need to be taken.

Commenting on granting of 15 places in the Parliament for deputies from Ecological Movement of Uzbekistan, the President has underlined that the ecological organizations of Uzbekistan should take problems to the international level. According to him, “the isolated ecological organizations are uniting. Now, the political status is being granted to them. They should come on the international scene, speak on behalf of all people”. As the President has said, the presence in the national Parliament of the representatives from the ecological organizations will promote environment protection, rational use of natural resources and maintenance of ecological safety of population.

Having focused on that 2010 is declared in Uzbekistan as the Year of harmoniously developed generation, Islam Karimov has explained that “if we want healthy children, we need the healthy ecology. Therefore, the voice of ecologists should be heard in Parliament”.

Press-Service of MFA Republic of Uzbekistan


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