October 21, 2009
Business meetings, profitable contracts
In the Third International industrial fair and cooperation exchange, initiated by President Islam Karimov, more than 360 enterprises and organizations operating in our country are participating with their products and services. This forum is attended by over 650 representatives of foreign firms and companies from almost 50 countries.

On the first day of the Forum, Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Combine, Almalyk mining and metallurgical complex, joint-stock association “Uzmetkombinat”, Open Joint Stock Company “Uzbek Combine of Refractory and heat-resistant metals,” the Tashkent plant for processing scrap and waste non-ferrous metals and public equity company “Tashkent aviation production association named after Chkalov made presentations. In the course of events it was noted that the Decree of the Head of State from November 12, 2007 “On measures to further enhance intra-and inter-sectoral industrial cooperation” is an important guide to action in this direction.

Wide-ranging reforms are held for the intensive development of mining and metallurgical industries in our country, which is a priority sector of the economy. Work on the introduction of modern technologies in the development of new deposits, mineral processing yields providing significant results. Best investment environment created in the country’s is an important factor in further strengthening trade and economic cooperation with foreign countries.

“Industrial Fair and Cooperation Exchange demonstrates opportunities for production of different products and raw materials in our country, – said Bakhodir Yusupov, Deputy Director General of the production association “Uzmetkombinat”.

“Now we can buy everything necessary for manufacturing among products from domestic enterprises. This will save time and currency. Giving the industrial fair an international status contributes to the further growth of the export potential of the country, allows actively cooperate with foreign partners. In last year’s forum there were signed about sixty contracts for more than ten billion sums. In this year’s fair, we intend to conclude about a hundred of contracts.

Large-scale work to increase electricity production, deployment of new production capacity conducted in our country. Active large-scale work on the modernization of electric power, technical and technological re-equipment, energy savings, efficiency of fuel and energy resources, introduction of new technologies, developing renewable energy sources and strengthening the international cooperation in this field is carried out.

“Assigning international status to industrial fair and cooperation exchange indicates an increase in its prestige, and the attention paid to increasing the efficiency of production of export-oriented products and expanding the international cooperation,” said the head of the prospective projects of energy development at public joint-stock company Uzbekenergo Ravshan Artykov.

“Many electrical products – sites for thermal power plants, heat insulation materials, chain fittings for the reference lines are presented this time at the fair and produced by enterprises of our company. We are pleased that the fair and the market will establish close links with related businesses, to find new partners. At this fair, we are planning to sign a contract for seventy-odd billion sums. This is three times higher than in previous years.

Localization in the automotive industry is rapidly developing. The enterprises of the “Uzavtosanoat“system launched production of batteries, glasse, seats, bumpers, fuel tanks, products for the lining, tow and other spare parts, indicating the gradual development of the automotive industry.

“Our company regularly participates in this fair,” says head of the localization of joint-stock company “Uzavtosanoat” Jamsheed Kattahodzhaev.

“Previously, we imported more raw materials and components from abroad. Through participation in the forum addressed a number of problems in this regard, strengthening our ties with domestic enterprises. In particular, we are actively cooperating with the state joint-stock company “Uzkimesanoat,” association “Uzeltehsanoat, a national holding company Uzbekneftegaz, public joint-stock company” Tashkent Aviation Production Association named after Chkalov. The program allows the localization of the foreign currency and save time. We offer a variety of new spare parts for automobiles. The forum involves a joint venture MAN Auto Uzbekistan” with heavy trucks and a joint venture of UzChasis” the produce lights for cars.

Components produced by enterprises of our company are exported to the CIS countries. Our goal is to increase the amount of export-oriented products. In the past year we have signed several contracts for three hundred and eighty billion sums. This year we plan to increase this figure to five hundred billion sums.

Successive reforms along with other sectors of the economy are implemented in our country in all spheres, are an important factor in the further development of oil and gas industry. This is evidenced by the increase from year to year of the volume of produced natural gas and oil. Uzbekistan is a supplier of energy resources not only for the CIS countries, but also to other states.

“In exchange, we are negotiating with several companies for the production and delivery of import-substituting equipment, spare parts, chemicals,”says lead engineer of gas-chemical complex “Sogdiana” Alisher Bakhodyrov.

“A new type of drip irrigation system is presented at the industrial fair. It will help farmers in terms of water saving. We intend to provide these products, not only to internal but also to external market. Polyethylene pipe, aluminum composite panels and marble aggregates are presented at the fair. The program of localization is significant not only because it improves production efficiency and increase the share of domestic products in the domestic market, but also it saves the foreign currency amid the global financial crisis. At the forum we are holding talks on cooperation with representatives of leading foreign companies.

Representatives of foreign firms and companies conclude contracts on export of products manufactured in Uzbekistan. This expansion of the scale of forum is part of the implementation of Presidential Decree “On the Program of measures to support real sector enterprises, ensuring their stable operation and increase their export capacity from 28 November of 2008.

“The organization of this forum shows that in spite of the ongoing global financial crisis, Uzbekistan’s economy is developing steadily, as a great opportunity to be active industrialists and entrepreneurs,” said a spokesman for the Chinese corporation “Mashimpeks “Lin Chun.

“Cooperation Exchange offers good prospects for establishing close ties with the companies of Uzbekistan, and finding new partners.”

“I am delighted with the high organizational level of industrial fair and cooperation exchange,” says the president of the American company «NJA Metalgroup» Eugene Lourie.

“Thanks to the huge attention given to the leadership of Uzbekistan to the economy, your country has hardly suffered from the global financial crisis. This forum is proof of this. There are all conditions for each participant to familiarize with the interested branches, to negotiate on cooperation, agreements and transactions. We are interested in further development of cooperation with business people of Uzbekistan.”



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