September 23, 2009
Parliamentary Election Campaign to Start on 22 September 2009
The Central Election Commission of the Republic of Uzbekistan held a regular meeting on 17 September. It was presided over by the Chairman of the Commission Mirza-Ulugbek Abdusalomov. The constitutional term of office of the Oliy Majlis (national parliament), as well as regional, district and city deputies’ councils expire in December this year.

In accordance with the Second Part of the Article 117 of the Constitution, the elections to the Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis and the representative bodies of state authority of the regions, districts and cities must be held on the first Sunday of the third decade of December, that is on 27 December 2009.

The Central Election Commission adopted a resolution declaring the start of the election campaign to the Legislative Chamber, the regional, district and city people’s deputies’ councils on 22 September this year.

The Commission discussed the draft normative legal acts related to holding of the elections to the Legislative Chamber.

It has also approved the instructions on organization of the district election commissions, on collecting signatures by political parties and verification of correctness of the subscribers’ lists, as well as the regulations on the procedure of nominating candidates to the Legislative Chamber from the Environmental Movement of Uzbekistan and their election, the procedure of using the media by candidates and political parties during the election campaign, on observers from other states, international organizations and movements participating in the elections to the Legislative Chamber, on accreditation of local and foreign journalists covering the election campaign and other documents.

The same day the Central Election Commission held a briefing for the foreign and local journalists in connection with the announcement of the election campaign to the Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis, and regional, district and city deputies’ councils.

The Commission chairman Mirza-Ulugbek Abdusalomov stressed that all activities within the campaign will be held by the Central Election Commission and district commissions in strict accordance with the basic principles and requirements of the electoral law and the concept of holding the elections to the Oliy Majlis, regional, district and city deputies’ councils.

Only the CEC is the main organizer of the election campaign, and nobody will be allowed to interfere in this process, according to the meeting. None of the participants of the campaign will have any benefits and preferences. The rules and requirements of the electoral legislation are the same for all, he said.

Nobody, especially the state authorities at the central and local levels, will be allowed to interfere in the electoral process. Any attempt to interfere in the election campaign, violate the requirements of law or facts of protection will be stopped and action will be taken in accordance with the law, Chairman Abdusalomov has added.

He has also informed the journalists with the changes in the electoral legislation aimed at further liberalization of the electoral system and development of the inter-party competition.

Considering the actual processes taking place in the political life of the country and in order to improve the legislative work, socio-political activities of parties and civil society institutions in democratic renewal of the country, the number of seats in the Legislative Chamber was increased from 120 to 150.

Besides, the institute of nomination of candidates by the initiative groups of voters was abolished. Thus, the right to nominate candidates for deputies to the Legislative Chamber is currently reserved exclusively for the political parties.

Based on the substantial importance of the environmental issues and the need to improve the environment, human health, 15 seats were provided to the deputies elected from the Ecological Movement of Uzbekistan.

The legislation now has the concept of an authorized representative of a political party, who is empowered to participate in the counting of votes at polling stations and during verification of correctness of the signature lists.

Besides, the possible number of trustees of the candidates was increased from 5 to 10.

Norms aimed at ensuring greater transparency in the activities of election commissions during the preparation and holding the elections were also introduced into the legislation.

Concluding his presentation, the Chairman of the Central Election Commission said that in Uzbekistan all necessary legal bases for open and transparent conduction of free, fair and democratic elections were created.


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