January 15, 2009
Press Release On the consideration of Uzbekistan’s National Report within the framework of Universal Periodic Report of UN Human Rights Council
On December 11, 2008 during the Third session of the Working Group of UN Human Rights Council (HRC) the National Report of Uzbekistan was considered within the framework of the Universal Periodic Review (UPR).

The delegation of Uzbekistan informed HRC of large-scale transformations in political, economic, social and judicial spheres in the Republic as well as of the Program of events dedicated 60th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

55 delegations have participated in interactive debates on the report. The overwhelming majority of speakers have recognized a substantial progress in promoting and protecting human rights in Uzbekistan and expressed full support for the reforms in the political, economic, social and judicial spheres in Uzbekistan. They underscored structural nature, depth and consistency of the democratic transformations in Uzbekistan and highly regarded the decisions on the abolition of death penalty, introducing the institute of “Habeas Corps”, signifying the role of political parties in a democratic society, establishing the institute of Children’s Ombudsman, continuing visits of ICRC to penitentiaries as well as the progressive growth of the quantity of NGO and Mass Media.

Delegations of UN member-countries stressed that the National Report of Uzbekistan reflected the progress in the sphere of country’s democratic renewal as well as its commitment to the procedures of UPR and a dialogue with HRC.

In this regard, Uzbekistan’s cooperation with UNHCHR and structural bodies of the United Nations as well as establishment of the Parliamentary Commissioner on Human Rights and the National Center on Human Rights were highly regarded.

Especially, they noted the efforts undertaken in the sphere of “uprooting” discrimination against women and children, signifying women’s role in public and political live of the country, promoting the rights for education and spreading human rights culture by virtue of the campaigns on informing population of human rights including the National Action Plan dedicated to 60th Anniversary of Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

HRC members stressed that “Uzbekistan’s policy in the sphere of human rights is implemented in accordance with the fundamental principles and norms developed by the United Nations”. At the same time, it was noted that in 2008 Uzbekistan became a party to 7 fundamental international documents in the sphere of human rights including abolishment of death penalty, protecting children’s rights, combating trafficking in persons, transnational organized crime, corruption and etc. as well as following adoption of the National Action Plan (for the period covering 2007 – 2011) on further improving the lives of children and other laws stipulating the abovementioned issues.

The members of the Working Group welcomed the statement of Uzbek delegation concluding that Uzbekistan will undertake every effort on further improving the judicial framework for prosecuting and punishing for the use of torture and other forms of ill-treatment. In this regard, it was noted that Uzbekistan “has undertaken efforts worth of commending after recommendations made by the Special Rapporteur on torture after his visit to Uzbekistan in 2002”.

On the outcome of the consideration appropriate recommendations were put forward and the delegation of Uzbekistan has accepted a majority of them.


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