January 27, 2016
In the field meetings, which are dedicated to socio-economic development of regions in 2015 and execution of the most important priorities of economic program for 2016, are being held. Particular attention is paid to execution of the tasks outlined in the report of the head of the state Islam Karimov at enlarged meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers dedicated to socio-economic development in 2015 and the most important priorities of economic program for 2016.


At the meeting, chaired by hokim (mayor) of Namangan region X.Bozorov, it focused on the enforcement of the tasks outlined in the report of the head of the state Islam Karimov at the enlarged meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers dedicated to the socio-economic development in 2015 and the most important priorities of economic program 2016.

It was noted that the results of the ongoing consistent reforms to the economic and social development of our country found its reflection in the Namangan region. In particular, the gross regional product grew by 8.7%, production of industrial goods - by 14%, cultivation of agricultural products - by 5.9%, volume of investments - 5.9%, construction works - 11.1%, retail trade - by 12.9%, all services - 13.2%.

During the reporting period more than 1,650 new small businesses were established, their total number reached 15,731, the share in the gross regional product amounted to 80.2% share in the industry - 61.9%. About 70 enterprises exported goods and services 127.8 million US dollars.

Small businesses and private entrepreneurs, commercial banks issued loans to more than 504 billion soums.

In the regions last year due to budgetary funds construction and installation works at 88 billion soums performed. In particular, 5 health care facilities, 19 schools, 8 vocational colleges, 16 children\'s sports facilities, only 89 social facilities were built and commissioned. In 34 rural settlements supply of drinking water was improved.

On 25 areas built 848 modern houses on standard projects, laid water pipeline of 52.6 kilometers, 19.2 kilometers of electric, 21.6 kilometers of pipeline, internal road length of 27.8 kilometers was constructed.

On the basis of 1987 farms, inefficient use of land, based on the optimization of land organized 3775 new farms.

They paid special attention to the enforcement program in the field of employment, in particular, the employment of graduates of professional colleges.

In the reporting period, more than 75 thousand new jobs was created. More than 39,600 people were ensured permanent jobs, these are college graduates.

On the implementation of the measures planned under the State program \"Year of attention and care for the older generation\", sent more than 234 billion soums.

At the meeting, along with the successes achieved they paid attention to the shortcomings. In some large enterprises of the region (30% of the total) reduced industrial output. In particular, in the city of Namangan at 7 enterprises industrial output fell by 24 billion soums. Also things in Naryn, Pap district. In Chartak, Chust and a number of other areas the volume of production of industrial goods per capita remains below the total for the region. In Yangikurgan and Uchkurgan areas the work, which was carried out on the basis of the localization program, was not up to the mark.

It has been identified the appropriate measures to address identified deficiencies.

At a meeting in Namangan region Prime Minister of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev made a statement.


At the meeting, chaired by hokim Fergana region Sh.Ganiev, it was noted that in 2015 significant results in socio-economic development of the region were achieved. The rate of growth of gross regional product amounted to 8%, the volume of production of industrial goods increased by 12.7%, agricultural production - by 7%, retail trade - by 14.6% and provision of services - by 18.3%.

Extensive work to modernize production, attract investment, increase production volumes was carried out. Within the program of social and economic development of the region investments amounting to 584 billion soums was mastered, 3881 promising projects were realized.

This in turn has provided a significant increase in industrial production and regional exports. In particular, goods totaling 489 million US dollars have been exported.

Due to favorable investment climate and created for small businesses and private entrepreneurship necessary conditions in the region every year the number of business entities is increasing. Last year 2260 new small businesses were established. Business entities were issued loans by commercial banks in the amount of 812 billion soums. The share of small businesses in gross regional product has reached 63.2%. Also, in order to create facilities to subjects in this sphere, since January 1, 2016 in all city and district administrations activity of \"one window\" centers for public service delivery to businesses has been established. Today, these centers provide 16 types of public services to entrepreneurs.

According to the investment program in order to provide drinking water in 57 villages 32 wells were dug, water pipeline totaling 55 kilometers were laid. This made possible to improve the supply of drinking water for more than 76 thousand inhabitants. 30 rural areas commissioned in 1019 houses on standard projects.

At the meeting the participants drew attention to the insufficient use of the existing capacity in some areas, to define concrete measures to eliminate the mistakes and miscalculations.

At the meeting in Ferghana region Deputy Prime Minister of Uzbekistan G.Ibragimov made a statement.

* * *


At the meeting in Jizzakh region, which was led by region hokim S.Ismailov noted that in the past year on 15 areas of Jizzakh region 690 houses on standard projects were built, 22.7 kilometer network of drinking water, 14.7 kilometers of networks and 21 kilometers of gas pipelines, 9 kilometers of internal roads was paved.

In 2015, the region achieved significant results in the development of leading sectors of economy, improving people\'s living standards. The growth of gross regional product amounted to 9.1%, industrial production grew by 13.8%, agricultural production - by 6.2%, construction - by 11.7%, services - by 17.8%. The share of small business and private entrepreneurship in gross regional product amounted to 80.1%, the share of services - 38.8%.

During the reporting period in the industry implemented 213 projects worth 254 billion soums. As a result, in the further production of more than 50 kinds of industrial goods worth 260 billion soums.

In the sphere of agriculture 664 projects were implemented. On the basis of intensive technologies orchards with area of 1249 hectares and vineyards with area of 1844 hectares were created.

In order to develop and expand a small business and private entrepreneurship disbursed commercial banks to 346 billion soums. Through the center of \"One window\" providing 16 kinds of services to business entities was set up.

According to the regional program of job creation and employment created 44,158 new jobs, about 29,700 of them fell on the countryside. More than 14,850 jobs were women, almost 22 thousand jobs were young people.

On the implementation of the State program \"Year of attention and care for the older generation\" 226 billion soums has been directed.

At the meeting, along with the successes achieved comprehensively addressed the shortcomings identified and measures to address them. In particular, in 2015 for various reasons did not operate more than 1.3 million registered in the area of small business. On two facilities in Jizzakh and Gallyaral district implemented at zero cost with the condition of investment, entrepreneurs were not fulfilled its obligations.

At a meeting in Jizzakh region Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Uzbekistan U.Rozukulov made a statement.

(Source: IA \"Jahon\")


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