September 6, 2008
On public poll “Uzbekistan: 17 years of Independence”
On the eve of nation’s main holiday – the Independence Day the Center of Public Opinion Ijtimoiy Fikr held a public poll “Uzbekistan: 17 years of Independence”.

The research has aimed to reveal the assessment by population of the path traversed by Uzbekistan for over the past years, as well as achievements in various spheres of public life. The representatives of all strata of population – the townspeople and villagers, men and women, people of various ages, national and religious background, and the level of education participated at it.

The annual sociological research held on this topic show off the steady high assessment by nation’s citizens of economic, political and spiritual development of the country for over the years of independence. Public opinion in Uzbekistan speaks about big social optimism and belief in future.

One of the most important achievements of independence the citizens of Uzbekistan name preserving and consolidation of civil and interethnic peace and accord in the country, as much as the state of creative stability. Declaration of state sovereignty, creation of foundations of democratic law-governed state, international recognition of country and growth of its authority in the world community, and strong socially-oriented policy led in Uzbekistan, including the purposeful social protection of population and gradual development of economy serve as basis for such social well being in the nation.

Uzbekistan’s domestic and foreign policy course defined by the nation’s Leadership enjoys full support of society and absolute approval by all strata of population regardless of people’s place of residence, their age, education, as well as national and religious background.

The public poll also revealed that the idea of Uzbekistan’s independence has gained a foothold and became a priority in the minds of people. 89.5 percent of questioned believed that during the years of independence the country became stronger economically, financially, politically and spiritually, as well as became capable to more effectively address its domestic problems. The outcomes of poll showcase the growth of positive evaluation of state of affairs in many spheres of life of state and public. The absolute majority of questioned (92.4 percent) believe that the current level of Uzbekistan’s defense capability allows to reliably provide for its security and territorial inviolability.

The Uzbek citizens are satisfied with country’s economic growth rates (87.8 percent), conditions created to expand the sphere of small business and private entrepreneurship (88.6 percent), level of social protection of population, especially of those strata which needs support (89 percent), ensuring rights and freedoms of person (85 percent) and personal safety of people (90.8 percent), quality of medical servicing (82.1 percent) and education (87.3 percent).

The citizens of Uzbekistan are convinced that socially oriented policy of President Islam Karimov is aimed at steady raise of people’s living standards, growth of economy and social sphere, and is conducted in the interests of person. Such work, as those questioned believed, bears tangible results. Thanks to ongoing reforms the people’s well being sees its constant rise.

Along with preserving the high status of national and traditional values in public opinion the importance of such fundamental notions for a democratic society as respect of law and human rights has increased. According to respondents, for over the years of independence the significance of spiritual and moral values saw its rise in the Uzbek society.

In line with outcomes of poll, bulk of the population is firmly confident that Uzbekistan will successfully address its problems and in the nearest future it will become a highly developed and flourishing state (91.6 percent of questioned).

The Uzbek citizens maintain an invariably high trust with President. They believe that the head of state is a main guarantor of stable political, social and economic development and growth of Uzbekistan’s authority in the world community.

Based on outcomes of public poll held by the Center of Public Opinion Ijtimoiy Fikr


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