November 30, 2015
On November 16-22, the Uzbek capital city has brought together talented young people from all over the country. State award winners, young researchers, culture and art proessionals, finalists of various competitions and festivals took part in a grand Youth Week under the slogan ‘The Day of Tomorrow Is Our Goal!’ It is aimed at supporting the intellectual and creative capacity of young people, and cultivation of a feeling of involvement in the ongoing reforms in the younger generation.

The participants of the event, which was organized by the Kamolot Youth Movement, the Ministry of Culture and Sports, the Academy of Arts, Uzbekkino National Agency, Istedod Foundation of the President of Uzbekistan, have already manifested themselves as talented, motivated and creative children of their country. They have already inscribed their names in the modern history by achievements in various fields.

In seven short days the youth have lived a creative, rich, exciting and bright lifetime. The Week included seven projects, festivals and competitions in the field of cinema, fine arts, performing arts, fashion, design, science, and education. Creation of appropriate conditions for revealing the capacity of young talents, and implementation of their creative and constructive ideas has been a state policy priority. The National Program for Personnel Training has been a guide for achieving these goals, just like the program on additional measures for implementation of the national youth policy in 2015 in the Republic of Uzbekistan, which has paved the way for a grand, diverse and action-packed Youth Week.

PROlogue: Short Film Festival

Organized for the first time, the film festival sought to pave the way for young professionals to the world of cinema. The authors of the best short film will have a chance to produce the first full-length film at ‘Uzbekfilm’ studio. A hundred professionals, amateurs and students submitted more than 50 films for the competition. The creative team of Uzbekkino National Agency, the organizer of the event, selected 20 movies to present them to the jury and the audience in the main program of the festival.

Young filmmakers met with prominent directors Elkin Tuychiyev, Ayub Shahobiddinov, and operator Rifkat Ibragimov in the Blue Hall of the House of Cinema. The young people had much to learn from the masters of the domestic film industry. A film critic Elmira Hasanova was working with contestants throughout the week. The process of production of short films at the grand master class was accompanied by heated debates and discussions, which generated new ideas. They were successfully implemented.

It was a big challenge for the jury to select a winner. According to its chairman, they even had to rewatch some of the works. The jury selected the top movies in four categories, as well as introduced an additional category of Audience Award.

“This is my first work, and I’m happy to win,” said Doston Hojimatov, the winner in the category ‘Top Film Writer’. “I was working on cinematization of the ‘Yahshilik’ story by Erkin Usmonov for about two months. I hope, I have managed to convey the main idea of his work owing to the good job of the operator, the art director, with the help of mentors. During the past week, I took part in meetings with foreign experts, who had emphasized that we have been assigned with an important mission of sowing goodness in people\'s hearts through our movies.”

Open days at the Museum of Motion Picture Arts, and an exhibition of contemporary film industry at the Youth Creativity Palace were held as part of the Festival. The participants got their questions answered during the meetings with foreign experts Sergey Zhdanovich from Belarus and Mirra Gaviyarova from the Czech Republic. They talked about the ways of insuring their scripts, detailed the procedure of signing contracts, noted that the genre of documentary films can be classified as a hobby rather than a business, and much more.

Festival of Student Theater Studios

As part of the festival, future economists, teachers, lawyers, doctors, diplomats, linguists and others fit well into the images that were created by playwrights from different eras and countries. Student theater studios operate under 59 universities across the country. Actors and directors have been honing their speaking skills not by specialty, but to their liking, they learn overcoming the fear of public speaking, get a fresh look at the works of world and national literature, and just spend their free time usefully. Students of six universities surprised the audience and the jury with their talent. Performances in Russian, Uzbek, Karakalpak, and even English languages lasted no longer than 45 minutes, as stipulated by the terms of the competition.

The Youth Week has united not just the youth of the country, but also has provided huge opportunities for creativity. None of the winners of the festival might imagine his performance in front of a large audience of peers and famous theatre figures on one of the oldest stages of the country. ‘Unyielding Hearts’ by the Karakalpak State University was recognized the best performance and was performed on the stage of the Uzbek National Academic Drama Theatre.

The Karakalpak amateur troupe showed a professionally staged show. The lack of scenery strengthened the perception of the eternal topic, which was raised by students. “It\'s all about life,\" modestly comment the actors. In fact, they raised many issues like maternal love, the origin of life, the consequences of drug addiction, in 45 minutes.

Having accurately conveyed the images, actors touched the strings of people’s souls. They caused tears even in the masters of the theatrical art of the country. Upon the performance, the crowded hall of the theater greeted the young talents with standing ovation.

It took them a month to get prepared for the competition. Scriptwriter and director Ayjiniyaz Ismailov starred himself. He directed festivals and other events in the Karakalpak State University. One can only guess what vivid and memorable events take place at the university.

Executives of the Kamolot Movement have approved their plans to organize tours of winners of the Youth Week across the country in the near future.

Republican Contest ‘Tafakkur Sinovlari’ (Competition of Intellectuals)

Six teams, which demonstrated knowledge of laws, the main points of ongoing transformations in political and economic life, have passed in the finals of traditional competitions, which were held as part of the Youth Week at the Mirzo Ulugbek National University, and told about the conditions provided by their universities.

Under the terms of the contest, a team wins if it scores maximum points in five tasks. Students need to wind up their brain during a quiz. Having watched a social video on achievements of independent Uzbekistan, the participants needed to reflect it in their creative work to demonstrate their attentiveness. The task ‘A Problem and Its Solution’ challenged each participant to show his vision of pressing global issues in simple and clear language in small scenes. By tradition, the students made proposals to the existing laws and draft laws on youth.

“We had much time to get prepared for the competition, so I have learned much about my rights,” says a Samarkand State University student Yulduz Karshiyeva. “The victory is not vital for us. We just want to use the opportunity and come up with our proposals on how to prevent young people from turning to the wrong path from the stage.”

The first prize of the contest was awarded to the Adolat team, the prize-winner in 2013. Second and third prizes were shared by Agroislohotchi and Istiqlol Farzandlari.

Scientific and Practical Conference ‘The 21st Century Is the Age of Intellectual Generation’

Young drives of progress from around the country came together in the Tashkent State Economic University to talk about their latest research. Nearly 1,500 young researchers and students spoke in the regional stages of the conference. All the materials have been collected and published in 14 volumes. The best works were selected for presentation at the national stage. The reports were read in four sections: social and humanitarian, natural, exact, technical sciences.

“The scientific and practical conference has been contributing to the enhancement of intellectual potential of our young people,” says Professor of the Tashkent Institute of Chemical Technology Ahmadjon Ibodullaev. “The number of participants grows from year to year. This suggests that we have many educated and erudite young people. They have been improving quality of their reports, and offering solutions that might be beneficial for the country. We are working on proposals for conducting the next year’s conference at a higher level. For example, give start to interesting solutions, or provide the winners with the opportunity to enroll in a master\'s or doctorate degree on a preferential basis.”

A Competition of ‘The Cheerful and Resourceful’

The final stage of the republican competition of ‘The Cheerful and Resourceful’ ranked, perhaps, among the most anticipated events of the Week. A Turon team of the Nukus State Pedagogical Institute was the best to make the audience cry with laughter.

The young talents aimed at not just cheering up the audience, but wanted to convey to their peers the most important values of appreciating family and friends. Each team is a family, with its history, traditions, creative discussions and happy moments of life.

The national team of ‘The Cheerful and Resourceful’ presented its debut performance, which has turned a big surprise for the audience, and a master class for other participants.

Fashion and Design Festival

The whole palette of modern art, bright images and bold experiments has made the Fashion and Design Festival the most colorful event of the week.

“We have been getting prepared for the festival for a few months, because we needed to cover the whole spectrum of youth culture in this field,” says Doctor of Arts, artistic director of the festival Kamola Akilova. “We decided to split the participants into categories - folk, theatrical dress, fashion lab and debut.”

Festival participants breathed new life into the usual dress, using traditional materials even in male images. An ornament of suzani inspired the famous designer Saida Amir for the creation of the new collection. At the master class, she introduced fashion designers to the complicated and long journey from idea to implementation.

Presenting their collections at the Fashion Lab show, the designers were inspired by music, architecture, they tried new shapes, fabrics, giving all the way to imagination. Of course, not all clothes are designed for everyday wear. Nevertheless, the designers gain huge experience and get emancipated in the process of creativity. During the master class, students of primary courses of the Kamoliddin Behzod National Institute of Arts and Design demonstrated the process of ‘laboratory’ work from the stage, and teachers commented on every step of creating the designs. That resulted in six interesting designs made of paper, plastic bags, and coarse calico.

An exhibition on ‘Pleasures of Batik’ and expositions of works of young artists under the festival presented the entire range of fine and decorative arts.

The Video Contest Yangi Nigoh

The number of participants in the traditional video contest ‘Yangi Nigoh’ has almost doubled against the last year. The competition aims at the development of youth tourism in Uzbekistan, and promotion of tourism potential of regions and cities. Over 500 creative works were submitted from different corners of the country. Anyone could cast his vote online in several categories. Shot by a contestant from Navoi region Khurshid Safarov, the video about ancient monument of Jonbulok was a revelation for local researchers. He and authors of other interesting works were awarded special prizes of the Public Youth Movement Kamolot.

The award ceremony was accompanied by a festival of national games and food. A concert of cheerful music, songs, dances, mischievous performances by students of the National Circus College, young performers and artistic groups crowned the ambitious Youth Week.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)


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