August 29, 2006
Upon the invitation of President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov the Prime Minister of Japan Junichiro Koizumi for the first time visited Uzbekistan. On August 29, 2006 in Tashkent the leaders of the two countries held meetings and exchanged views on the broad range of issues of bilateral relations and international problems of mutual interest.

Sides confirmed their intention to further channel efforts on developing bilateral relations based on the ?Strategic statement between Japan and the Republic of Japan on friendship, strategic partnership and cooperation?, signed during the highest-level meetings in 2002.

Sides arrived in the single opinion that the Dialog ?Central Asia plus Japan? contributes to the stability and development of the Central Asian region and expressed their intention to enhance the cooperation on implementing the ?Action plan?, adopted at the Second Foreign Ministerial meeting within the framework of the Dialog held in Tokyo in June this year.

Sides confirmed that the commitment to the principles of democratic development of society, market economy, raising the level of social protection of population and observing the human rights are of quite important significance to ensure political stability and economic prosperity.

Uzbek side expresses gratitude for the Official Assistance to the Development rendered on the part of Japan in various areas, which has profoundly contributed to the implementation of economic and social-humanitarian projects in Uzbekistan.

Sides expressed satisfaction with the cooperation of the Republic of Uzbekistan and Japan within the framework of activity of the Uzbek-Japanese and Japanese-Uzbek Committees on economic cooperation and have arrived in understanding on the need to extend the trade and economic interaction.

Sides expressed hope that number of economic missions, planned to be made from Japan to Uzbekistan in autumn this year, would give a new impetus to the development of economic relations between the two countries. Sides arrived in understanding about the need to further improve the trade and investment climate with a view of enhancing the trade and economic interaction.

Sides noted the opportunity to develop cooperation, including the one with participation of private companies through the Clean Development Mechanism in line with the Kyoto Protocol.

Sides noted that development of uranium deposits in Uzbekistan and trade with uranium may become a perspective area of cooperation between the two countries and arrived in single opinion about to further promote the exchange of information and views between the representatives of government and private structures of the two countries in this sphere.

Uzbek side is grateful for the gratuitous aid on sending the Uzbek students to Japan for their studies, and the gift from the Japanese Fund in the form of textbooks of the Japanese language and country-study materials.

Sides underscored that deepening of interaction of the two countries in the interests of maintaining peace, stability and security in regional and global scale is of principally important nature and have expressed their readiness to develop cooperation in this field both bilaterally and within the framework of international organizations and mechanisms of multilateral cooperation.

Sides support the efforts on strengthening peace and stability at the Korean Peninsula and elaboration of necessary measures to grant the region the status of a nuclear free zone. Sides expressed hope that implementation of the UN Security Council Resolution 1695 of July 15, 2006, and resumption of the six-party negotiations would prom0te the maintenance of peace and stability at the Korean Peninsula and North-Eastern Asia, as well as peaceful addressing of the nuclear problem and humanitarian issues, related with North Korea.

Sides expressed intention to further cooperate with a view of soonest realization of the Security Council reform. In this respect, the Japanese side expressed gratitude for the immutable support on the part of Uzbekistan of the Japan?s candidature for the permanent membership at the Security Council.

From the point of view of a nuclear non-proliferation the Japanese side expressed support for Uzbekistan?s efforts on establishing the nuclear free zone in Central Asia, and has noted the importance of gaining concurrence from all interested countries, including the nuclear powers.

Sides coincided in their opinions about the need to design the mechanism of holding consultations at the official level of foreign ministries of the two countries with a view of comprehensive discussions of bilateral relations and international problems.

Visit of the Prime Minister of Japan Junichiro Koizumi to Uzbekistan and the held meetings have passed in an atmosphere of friendship and trust, and positively contributed to further development of mutually beneficial cooperation between the Republic o Uzbekistan and Japan.


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