August 17, 2006
Art-therapy helps people with disabilities return to life
A presentation of the ?Social rehabilitation of people with disabilities (disabled veterans of Afghanistan War, disabled children) through engagement in art-therapy?. Project was held at the Central Council of Kamolot Young Movement.

The project is the joint initiative of Kamolot, Adolat Socio-Democratic Party of Uzbekistan, Republican Charity Fund of the Disabled Veterans of Afghanistan War, Trade Unions Federation of Uzbekistan, Ministry of Public Education, Healthcare Ministry, Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of the Population, Arts Academy of Uzbekistan, Nur Association of Entrepreneurs with Disabilities, and Veteran Association.

?The aim of the project is to engage young people with disabilities in art, thereby helping them to rehabilitate. Art helps an individual with limited abilities by raising his or her energy and love for life, opening hidden skills and talents, the ones the person had not thought of before. 50 children and adults with disabilities are currently involved in the project. The project envisions social, medical, as well as labour rehabilitation of people with disabilities?, - said the Chairman of the Tashkent City Association of Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Farhad Abdurahmanov.

The author of the art-therapy Atabek Yuldashev has been teaching children making pictures out of straws for two years. Five years earlier, he suffered a serious car crash, and making pictures out of straws helped him rehabilitate. Today, he believes that this form of art can help those who suffered similar misfortunes, it can help people with disabilities.

?Art therapy is rehabilitation of people with disabilities through art. When a person starts to work his creativity, his way of thinking changes at the psychological level: the person starts to create?, - Yuldashev said.

A few years ago, a member of the Arts Academy of Uzbekistan A. Sodykov and a member of Hunarmand (Craftsman) Association A. Yuldashev worked out new methods and techniques of making pictures using straws.

Children, participants of the presentation said the art itself was very delicate and beautiful. The authors of the program also find it practical, because it does not require some special and expensive tools and resources. To make a truly beautiful piece of art, all the children need is straws, glue, a brush and a pair of scissors.

The organizers plan to hold exhibitions of the children\'s works across the country. As the art grows in popularity among the people with disabilities, special study centers will be opened in different locations. Intensive courses of this form of applied art will be taught in different regions of Uzbekistan. The ultimate goal of the project is giving the art national status.

In its turn, Adolat Socio-Democratic Party of Uzbekistan provides political protection to the project.

?This initiative is a clear example of the classic interaction within a civil society. A civil society is impossible without active participation of the citizens who know their rights. Yuldashev did not only discover a new form of art, he opened a new direction of applied art, which Adolat Party is trying to give a national status. The idea of the project is very simple ? rehabilitation through art eliminates the self-disparagement feelings common among the people with disabilities, it makes them feel part of the society. This is the best example when disabled people do things that healthy people can?t do?, - said the Head of the Ideology, Internal and External Affairs Department of Adolat Party Sayid Jamolhon al-Orifhuja.


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