May 28, 2015
A Festival of Youth and Sports
The final stage of the Umid Nihollari-2015 Sports Games among schoolchildren is underway in our country.

Organized at the initiative of President Islam Karimov as part of the National Program for Specialist Training, the Umid Nihollari Sports Games, as well as the Barkamol Avlod and the Universiade serve as an important factor in the extensive engagement of the young generation in sports, in the popularization of healthy lifestyle, embodiment of love and devotion to the Motherland in the youths, of the sense of national pride, and the formation of a generation worth our great ancestors.

The final stage of the first level of this system – the Umid Nihollari Sports Games – is held this year in the regions as a genuine holiday of youth and sports. The principal end sought by it is to raise the mass participation in the sport competitions, secure extensive engagement of youths in them and fix the principles of healthy lifestyle.

* * * In Bukhara Region, the event took place in the festively adorned and lively amphitheater of the Bukhara Cultural Center.

For the past period, 110 children’s sports complexes, a gymnastics palace and gyms have been erected in Bukhara Region. Thirteen years ago, 19 percent of children under 16 used to go in for sports in the province, whereas now this indicator equals 55.8 percent.

In team competitions, the first place went to the representatives of the city of Bukhara. Young athletes of Vabkent and Shafirkan districts came second and third, respectively.

The hokim of the region M.Esonov gave the present of the President of our country – a Damas automobile – over to the team of Bukhara.

The festival of sports ended with a grand show by renowned athletes as well as a gala concert with celebrities.

* * * The final stage of the Umid Nihollari-2015 took place in the Surkhandarya Region in a well organized manner and in festive spirit.

More than 364,860 children attend the 856 general education schools of the province, including around 177 thousand girls. Nearly a hundred thousand schoolchildren took part in the qualifying stages of the Umid Nihollari.

124 sports facilities outfitted with cutting edge equipment were built in the Surkhandarya Region in 2003-2014. Attending them, 83,325 children are busy with sports.

The first prize of the regional round of the sports competitions went to the athletes of Termez. The second place went to the representatives of Kumkurgan District, while Jarkurgan schoolchildren came third in the contest.

The region’s hokim T.Mamaraimov passed the gift of the President – a Damas car – over to the team of the city of Termez.

The youth and sport festival ended with a gala concert by celebrity musicians.

* * *

The Tashkent city final round of the Umid Nihollari-2015 took place at the Uzbekiston Sports Complex of the capital.

During the exciting and long-expected ceremony of awarding the winners and prize holders of the sports games, the team of Chilanzar District was second to no one. They got awarded with the gift of the President of our country – a Damas car. Representatives of the Yunusabad District came second, and the young athletes of the Uchtepa District proved third best in the contest.

(Source: UzA)


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