April 29, 2015
APRIL 9 – REMERBRANCE AND HONOR DAY.... Veterans and Elderly People Lavished with Attention and Care
Ahead of Remembrance and Honor Day, a string of events to honor 1941-1945 war and labor veterans and measures to improve living conditions for elderly people are under way across Uzbekistan.

In line with a Presidential Decree to award medals commemorating the 70th anniversary of World War II to war and labor veterans, local authorities and representatives of governmental and public organizations across the country are honoring people who went through the scourge of war and fought for peaceful life for our generation.

Ninety-nine-year-old Uzbek citizen from Tashkent, Odil Fozilov, was honored with a medal, prize money and commemorative presents on behalf of President Islam Karimov by members of the Ministry of Defense. “There is no greater happiness than living under a peaceful sky,” Fozilov says. “I am happy that we, war veterans, are never forgotten amidst daily chores.”

The presidential decree “On additional measures to further enhance social protection and material support of the elderly generation” is indicative of proper attention. Citizens who have reached the age of 100 will now receive monthly payment worth a minimum salary in addition to their regular pensions. Starting from May 1, 2015, an updated list of categories is being introduced for people who are provided with monthly compensation for utilities payment.

“This year I turned a hundred. I am celebrating my birthday in the Year of Attention and Care for the Senior Generation. With celebrations of Remembrance and Honor Day and the 70th anniversary of victory in World War Two and considering the Year of Attention and Care for the Senior Generation State Program, I feel the immense attention and care that Uzbekistan lavishing on its veterans,” says Samandar Pardayev, resident of Qoraguppa neighborhood in Samarkand Region. “I recently learned that I will now be receiving benefits in addition to my regular pension. I am going to use it for the benefit of my grandchildren. I want them to be educated and be happier than me.”

In Nukus, chairman of the Zhokorgy Kenes (Supreme Council), Musa Yerniyazov with his entourage, visited war and labor front veterans and honored them with medals.

Healthcare services for war veterans also receive a lot of attention. They benefit from in-depth medical checkups. Those who are unable to come to clinics are visited by doctors at home.

“I have no complaints about my health,” says 91-year-old war veteran Rajab Safarov from Bukhara Region’s Peshkun District. “A group of doctors has recently visited me at home. I was examined by a cardiologist, therapeutist, eye doctor, dentist, urologist, neuropathologist and trauma specialist. They prescribed some treatment, which I will be receiving at the local rural medical post.”

In Bukhara Region alone, over 2,500 elderly people have been examined as part of the health week, among them 110 war and labor veterans. Following medical checkups, veterans are given not only consultations and treatment referrals but also free medication.

Moreover, throughout 2015 citizens, who had reached the age of 75 will have their debt written off for their excessly paid pensions and allowances revealed as a result of checking the correctness of their payment and they will be provided with benefits envisaged by legislation.

On the eve of May 9, Remembrance and Honor Day in Uzbekistan, all educational institutions across the country will be hosting peace lessons and various events commemorating the day. Therefore, war veterans and elderly people as a whole are very welcome guests at these schools.

“These days I have been invited to schools and colleges that are hosting events honoring our fellow countrymen who died in the war fighting to ensure freedom for our homeland. I am delighted to attend every event,” says war veteran Nigmatulla Sadullayev from Tashkent city’s Uchtepa District..“I consider it my duty to let the younger generation know the importance of peace. When you have peace, people can achieve progress and prosperity.”

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)


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