January 22, 2015
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The creation of an e-government in Uzbekistan will help take the government\'s relations with the society and citizens to a new level.

The vector of development in 2015 will be determined by a working group, set up late last year, composed of specialists of the Center for the Development of an E-Government System and members of governmental bodies. The working group has involved 60 administrations of Tashkent City and Tashkent Region Mayors\' Offices, where it revealed ten overloaded administrations in both the areas.

\"The first problem was to determine the entire list of services provided by these administrations and classify them. Thus far, around 35 primary interactive governmental services nave been determined. They will be gradually introduced throughout 2015,\" said Ikromjon Nasrullayev, head of a department at the Center for the Development of an E- Government System. At this point, the working group is making a Did on executive authorities as they provide the largest number of services for citizens and business entities. Whether each service is in demand is also determined by the number of applications from the population, businesses and state authorities.

The results of the working group\'s efforts, as exemplified by these administrations, are called to reveal the most effective mechanisms for developing an electronic government with subsequent introduction in Uzbek regions. A set of measures to reorganize functional and operational processes are presently on the anvil. The processes in question are those that ensure more efficient interagency procedures by optimizing them based on the \'single window\' principle excluding duplicating stages.

In the pipeline is automation of several types of services. The process must occur among authorities without an applicant. For example, citizens who reach pension age do not have to provide the necessary documents and waste time standing in the line. The system will carry out the work on its own and will send a notification to a citizen one month before he or she comes of pension age. All that individual has to do is provide an online confirmation of notification receipt.

A need to provide a dialog between authorities and citizens surfaces in the expansion of the number and assortment of governmental services. The Unified Portal now offers a system to discuss the current normative acts, and those being developed, concerning entrepreneurial activities. The system enables anyone to participate in the discussion and leave comments, which are certain to be considered.

Plans for the nearest future include the launch of a service for purchasing a locally made automobile for individuals. At this point it is available for institutions and is in test mode. Any citizen may pick a car make online in any dealer point through their personal cabinet. The system has been designed to process electronic and paper applications at the same time. Equally important are the removal of infrastructural shortcomings and support of interagency communication, on which the quality and speed of service delivery depends. A corporate governmental network has already been put together that is based on the introduction of a unified system of governmental electronic document circulation encompassing all tiers of public administration. Government websites are checked every three months for conformity with the requirements of phased optimization.

Before making it to the Unified Portal, all the services of authorities go through \"re-engineering\", which consists of several stages, including normative and legal provision on the basis of which a general set of measures is determined along with the amount of funding required.

Thus, the expectation is transition to fully transactional services that obviate the need to attend various authorities\' offices, which will contribute to authorities\' more effective operation and to the creation of additional conveniences.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)


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