September 1, 2005
Address by President Islam Karimov at Festive Ceremony dedicated to 14th Anniversary of Independence of Uzbekistan
Assalomu-Alaykum, dear fellow countrymen!

Distinguished guests!

Allow me congratulate you all with the most great, the most dear festival in the history and life of Uzbekistan, happiest holiday of independence of our country, and express to you, and in your person ? to our entire nation my regards and respect, as well as love and kindness.

My dear friends and brothers!

Having gained independence fourteen years ago and having regained back its self and destiny, our nation, now capable to utilize the matchless riches and opportunities of our country, has been resolutely moving forward along the path of building free and prosperous life.

Truly indeed, over the span of last years our Uzbekistan has walked through a historical path of each and every year being worth ten and hundreds of years.

Whichever sphere and field of our life should we mention, our people, who have secured freedom and liberty, and truly believe in their intellect, knowledge, might and power are vividly proving with their practical deeds what great goals can they achieve. Its prove can be found in the ever prospering look of our country, land-fields, profound changes now taking place in the countryside, in the samples of brand new enterprises and production capacities, luxurious buildings and comfortable residential areas, quality roads and communications.

These positive processes are seen in the examples of newly being built hundreds of educational institutions ? the schools, lyceums, and colleges, as well as modernly equipped medical facilities.

The more growth of our multi-faceted spiritual life, that nourishes with strength these constructive future-bound deeds, and the raise of it up to the level of state politics, today proves to be successful and effective.

In this regard, alongside restoring and resurrecting the invaluable cultural and spiritual heritage of our great ancestors and our holy traditions, enriching our lives with latest achievements and standards of the times, bringing up the perfect man and generation, organizing education completely anew, and showing respect to our holy religion has been defining the meaning and essence of our activity.

All of these, and above all, the slogan and objective, \"The care about the youth is the care about the future\", that we have set before us, shall indeed turn into the source of strength and spiritual wealth for us, and reliable foundation and guarantee for the days to come.

Dear friends!

Today, we are all witnessing how we are living through what restless and dangerous times.

At these unsafe times, the presence of those, who can not stand our peace and tranquil lives, our consistent labor along building a new society, and crave for us with evil eyes from near and far, and who also spare not to dare terrorizing and doing evil, call upon all of us for constant vigilance, and further strengthening our independence.

Each and every person, residing in this country, should deeply realize and understand that achieving our freedom, liberties, and noble goals, securing the deserved place on the world arena, and upholding the sovereignty of our Homeland, firstly, depends on ourselves and our abilities, potentials, and resolve.

In this regard, alongside political, military, and economic means, there is another most important one, and it is called the feeling of national pride, national worth.

This is such a great power, as many nations in the past have gone through many most complicated trials, survived the storms of various times by finding support in this power, and could build a free and prosperous life, worth of envy of others.

In this context, the appealing words of our ancestor, the Sakhibqiran Amir Temur of \"Who are we, the descendants of what great people are we, owners of what might and power are we\", invites all of us to realize our self and worth, love and live loyal to our only Homeland and incomparable Uzbekistan.

When we say national pride and worth, we realize this feeling as not only a support along addressing the problems and hardships of today, and achieving noble objectives, but at the same time, we understand it as a life-breathing power, which serves the cause of raising the name and respect of our nation on the international arena, and let alone spoiling its worth, not even undermining it.

My dear fellow countrymen!

This day, as we critically assess the path we have walked along and goals we have reached, we should deeply realize that addressing of forthcoming serious objectives and complex problems are in the centerfold of attention.

Firstly, we need be capable of ensuring security of our people, part the good from evil, as well as totally get rid of old habits of indifference and apathy, of views as if someone else from outside shall come and protect us and ease our difficulties.

Today, further deepening broad reforms and policies of liberalization in each sphere of our life, fully providing people with jobs, creating and realizing wide opportunities and legal guarantees to small businesses and farms, and on this basis - to raise the people?s incomes, wages, pensions, and student allowances - all of these shall not remain as an idle talk, but as a most urgent task before our state and society.

Especially, without any doubt, we shall gradually finish introducing democratic principles in our society, bringing the state administration and court-legal system in line with latest requirements, aimed at establishing the civil society, ensuring freedom of press and speech, and above all, our positive works, aimed at upholding human rights and interests.

My dear fellow countrymen, my dears!

This day, by standing from this high rostrum, embracing all of you, I want to express my cordial wishes to you, and in your person ? to our entire nation.

Let our people be safe!

Let God Himself safe our Homeland from evil eyes, envy and heinous intentions, as well as all evil and vile!

Let we all be blessed with happiness to see the great future of Uzbekistan!

Let our independence be perpetual!


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