June 10, 2014
SPORT/Games Wrap Up, Stadiums Stay Crowded
As a winner of the games the Tashkent team has been awarded with the Greeting Message of the President Islam Karimov to the participants of sports games Barkamol Avlod - 2014, as well as a Damas car, and holders of the second and third prize - Namangan and Samarkand regions’ teams - were presented with Damas car each. At a festive concert Namangan has passed the baton to Jizzakh, thus wrapping up the sports games Barkamol Avlod – 2014 among students of vocational colleges and academic lyceums.


Sports Games Barkamol Avlod occupy an important place in promoting and involving the younger generation in sports, developing the appropriate infrastructure, nurturing the comprehensively advanced and physically strong generation, capable for attaining the ambitious goals. Addressing the participants of sports games, President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov underscored: “Today we are building a new state, new society in Uzbekistan. We have embarked to achieving great goals, namely, to join the ranks of the advanced democratic nations, to secure growth in living standards and wellbeing of our people, be capable of protecting our freedom and independence, and occupy a well-deserved place in the world community. The crucial and pivotal condition and factor in the accomplishment of the high ends we have set is, first and foremost, our physically healthy and spiritually mature young generation that is inferior to no one in anything and that lives with proudly elevated heads and the sense of dignity, that is capable of assuming responsibility for the fate and future of the Motherland. It is the thousands and thousands of young men and women, boys and girls, our children, like you, who have come together here at this festively decorated stadium.”

A sound mind in a sound body. The truth has been relevant for many millennia. Mobile and active lifestyle is a key pillar of sound health. Doctors keep tirelessly reminding us about that. Umid Nihollari, Barkamol Avlod and Universiade Games have turned into a mass movement of involving young people in sports, as evidenced by the figures. The preliminary rounds of Barkamol Avlod Games in 2011 involved more than 700 thousand students, while in 2014 – 810 thousands. Boys and girls take cue from famous athletes of Uzbekistan, in whose honor the flag of the Motherland is raised on the world stage. The young are proud of the talented athletes, like the world boxing champion Bektemir Melikuziev, the winner of the World Table Tennis Tournament Tohir Salimov, the silver medalist of the World Championship in Judo Sarvar Shomurodov, the winner of the World Chess Championship Mohinur Kahramonova, and many others. All the games, regardless of the hosting city, leave a bright trace in the chronicle of the development of world sports with memorable emotions from brilliant victories and disappointing defeats. It is enough to remember how the cities get prepared for a competition: sports and youth infrastructure facilities undergo reconstruction or renovation. A Novbakhor stadium, sports complexes Pahlavon and Barkamol Avlod, university and college dormitories and other objects were renovated in the process of preparation for the games in Namangan, like in every city. Games are over, but the reconstructed objects remain at the disposal of the local youth. Thousands of boys and girls often come out of curiosity, and remain forever under the guidance of experienced coaches and trainers.

The gold medal holder in tennis of Barkamol Avlod - 2014, a member of the Namangan region team Humoyun Sultanov comments on the huge creative work: “New sports facilities in Namangan embody the constant care of the head of state, and help us to reach physical and spiritual perfection.”


996 university and college students took part in the competitions in 16 kinds of sports - basketball, volleyball, football, handball, chess, weightlifting, boxing, judo, WTF taekwondo, freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling, swimming, athletics, tennis, table tennis, gymnastics. The competitions were held in a fair and uncompromising atmosphere. The agilest, fastest and strongest played for 652 gold, silver and bronze medals. The games sparkled with bright and different victories.

The holiday of sports and friendship Barkamol Avlod – 2014 was rich in records and unforgettable events primarily for the contestants. For example, a member of the Qashqadaryo region team, winner of two gold medals in the 400 and 800 meters sprint Azizbek Samadov repeated his record and became the six-time champion.

The young athlete commented his success as follows: “My goal is to achieve high attainments in international competitions, and contribute to the promotion of our country. I hope that executives of the Athletics Federation will notice my performance, and my victory will lead me to the national team of the country.”

Barkamol Avlod Sports Games is a special sporting event. Along with novice athletes, it is a competition for those who have already demonstrated good results in the international arena. For example, a champion of Uzbekistan in judo, a silver medalist of the World Youth Championship in Slovenia, a student of Samarqand College of Olympic Reserve Sarvar Shomuradov replenished his collection with another gold medal. In the weight category under 73 kg he had no rival.

The competitions in Namangan have proved that Uzbekistan is cultivating a variety of sports. Weightlifting is going upscale after Ruslan Nuriddinov won the World Championships in 2013 in Poland. In the same year it became clear that colleges of Olympic reserve had succeeded in training the worthy followers of the champion, and that in the near future Uzbekistan might hold awards at international competitions.

A school - college - university. Umid Nihollari - Barkamol Avlod - the Universiade. The continuity in education and sports contributes to the harmonious development of the personality, continuous self-improvement, achievement of new heights. It is noteworthy that participants of the sports games of 2014 included many of those who had successfully performed at school competitions. For example, a representative of the Tashkent region Alisher Bekmuradov repeated his result at Umid Nihollari – 2012 sports competitions among schoolchildren by winning the ‘gold’ in the single competition in chess. Commenting on his last victory, the young athlete said: “These are two different events, two different awards. It was difficult to repeat the success. The level of my rivals was much higher than two years ago.”


Coaches and jury members avowed that the last games showed a higher level than the previous games. This is the outcome of both the development of Olympic reserve colleges and sports colleges in each region, and the developed sports structure. There is a huge contribution of the Children’s Sports Development Fund, secondary schools, community committees. They have been directly involved in the building of a unique system of promoting sports and healthy lifestyles among children and adolescents. Most importantly, children’s sports have become an integral part of education and training.

The supply of up-to-date outfit and qualified staff to all modern sports facilities ensures the expansion of the ranks of the students going in for sports. Currently, about two million children are regularly engaged in more than 30 kinds of sports in Uzbekistan. The average daily time of utilization of one sports facility makes up 9.5 hours. Given the increasing need for the services of sports facilities, the authorities continue strengthening their logistical capacity and recruiting qualified trainers.

113 sports facilities and swimming pools were built, reconstructed and repaired in 2013 alone with the focus on rural areas. 210.4 billion soums was invested in these purposes. The scale of the work has not decreased this year. Builders are engaged in more than a hundred objects, which will be supplied with new sports equipment after commissioning. The policy of development of children’s sports institutions has conditioned the establishment and development of the manufacture of training devices and sports equipment. At present, enterprises of Uzbekistan produce 116 out of 120 types of equipment.

The year 2014 has been declared the Year of the Healthy Child. The national program assigns a big part to enhancing the role of sports in nurturing healthy children, and cultivating the love for sports in them, with the focus on girls. There are several ongoing important and long-term initiatives in this field.

A program of action is currently being developed to further upgrade the youth sports schools and specialized youth schools of Olympic reserve in 2015-2019. It is based on a thorough study of the logistical capacity of each school, the provision of qualified staff and territorial optimization. A range of events will comprise four major components. Reconstruction of gyms, sports grounds and facilities for sports classes, chiefly in Olympic sports, will be continued. The provision of the appropriate equipment remains the foremost task. Close attention will still be paid to the selection of qualified coaches, trainers and specialists, as well as advancement of their skills, with the focus on engaging female trainers to facilitate the involvement of girls in sports. It is planned to further streamline the organizational and medical support of the training process.

A special part is assigned to the further improvement of the conditions for physical education and sports classes at schools. A special program is currently being elaborated for 2015-2020 to address the above mentioned tasks. It will envisage a range of measures to provide all schools with gyms, and double the total number of annually building gyms at schools.

High sports schools are in the highlight as well, for they play a huge role in involving children to sports, and training the top level athletes for participation in international competitions. A range of measures on modernization of the educational and training process in 12 institutions of this kind of national and regional importance by 2017 is underway. This all is expected to contribute to the completion of the building of a coherent system of training elite athletes, coaches, trainers and specialists.

The establishment of Research and Methodology Center for Advanced Training of Trainers at the Uzbek State Institute of Physical Culture should raise the quality and efficiency of sports institutions at all levels

(Source: “Uzbekistan Today” newspaper)


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