April 21, 2014
Industrial enterprises apply modern program complexes in Uzbekistan
In today’s world the basis of the economic system of any country is competitiveness. A country’s ability to play a prominent role in the global market depends on how its industrial sector is economical and technologically developed, how the relationship between business and public authorities is transparent, how the business environment and business climate is favorable. However, all these parameters are largely reduced to the introduction of information and communication technologies.

The modern society is permeated by information technologies and related communications solutions, without which it is simply impossible to imagine even the everyday life. Moreover, if technologies make it more comfortable and convenient, in business they act as an effective tool for competition. Uzbekistan has long been striving to become a significant player in the export market, actively implementing the program of modernization of industry, transport and engineering infrastructure. In order not to be left in the rear of our economy just need acceleration in global processes of information and communication technologies. Therefore, in the coming years an ambitious set of measures will be implemented in Uzbekistan to accelerate the development and wide application of the real economy, IT and software products. Thanks to this, management efficiency is planned to be improved, production costs to be reduce, reliability and transparency of financial and economic activity of associations and large enterprises to be ensured, as well as their competitiveness in domestic and foreign markets to be improved.

In particular, companies and business associations hold widespread adoption of information and computer technologies and software products, mainly domestic production, in their document management, accounting and reporting, financial and economic activities, personnel management, organization of production and technological processes.

Manufacturing processes are influenced by the changes, too. It is planned to extend the use of software solutions, controlling not only quality products, but also rational use of material resources. This will greatly reduce production costs and hence products’ costs.

The Internet takes an important role, which to be uses as a convenient mechanism for sale of products in new markets. Experts estimate it will give an opportunity to significantly increase the export potential of the country.

Moreover, every year until June 1 in the country will be developed lists of new projects to further the implementation of information and communication systems and software products in the real sector to be included in the investment program. At this, joint-stock companies, associations and major industries in their annual business plans and cost estimates to impose individual items of expenditure for the implementation of IT-systems and software products, including providing training and skills development. Also, they will be put into practice quarterly financial incentives and promotion specialists participating in projects.

It is important that in introduction of modern technologies, the real economy will be guided by local developers. Late last year, the country established national registry software developers, in which there are more than 40 companies that provide services to implement the integration of information systems and software products.


Corporate bodies, whose income from the development, deployment and implementation of proprietary software are not less than 50% of the total volume of the sales of theirgoods and services, are on a voluntary basis and freely included into the National Register.

(Source: “Uzbekistan Today” newspaper)


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