September 25, 2013
Deputies considered a number of draft laws in the first reading
On September 19 a regular meeting of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan was held. After the adoption of the agenda proposed by the Kengash of the Legislative Chamber, deputies considered a number of draft laws in the first reading.

At the meeting, the deputy corps discussed the draft laws «On exchange activities», «On guardianship and custody» and on introducing amendments and addenda to some legislative acts in connection with the adoption of the Law «On guardianship and custody» in depth, based on developed positions of factions of political parties and the deputy group of the Ecological Movement.

Representatives of UzLiDeP faction paid main attention to discussion of the draft law «On exchange activities». The study of the draft law shows that it is designed to solve a number of problems, such as legal support at the level of world standards of processes of market exchange pricing (quotation), insurance against possible price fluctuations, ensuring investment attractiveness of traded assets, price transparency, identify trends of future price changes as well as the balance of demand and offer.

As it was noted at the meeting, the support of the draft law by the faction of UzLiDeP is related to the fact that it will not only create a common legal practice in issues of exchange activities, contributing to the development of financial sector, but also increase the attractiveness of domestic exchange market for foreign investors.

Adoption of the draft Law «On exchange activities», according to the faction of DPU «Milliy Tiklanish» will be an important factor of implementing strong internal and external economic strategy towards achieving the interests of Uzbekistan, which is reflected in the program goals of the party: an active part in the implementation of the systematic, deeply thought-out reforms in the national economy, carrying out effective policy of supporting domestic producers.

The adoption of the law will serve to create conditions for the application of a common legal practice in issues of exchange activities and work of exchanges, to achieve a balance of the interests of participants of the exchange market, including shareholders, investors and the state. This faction paid particular attention to that in order to create conditions for the integration of local exchange markets in world exchange market it is necessary to achieve compliance with national legislation regulating the world\'s leading stock exchanges, ensure the functioning of all major elements of the system of exchange activities, trading, clearing, accounting, guarantees of the execution of contracts at the level of international standards, as well as to achieve recognition by foreign investors of quotations of local markets and as a result, increase their attractiveness for foreign investors. Taking into account all this faction of DPU “Milliy Tiklanish” expressed its support for the adoption of the draft law in the first reading.

In discussing the draft law “On guardianship and custody” and on introducing amendments and addenda to some legislative acts in connection with the adoption of of this law a special activity was implemented by members of the faction of PDPU. They emphasized that in the country an efficient, multi-level system of protection of the rights and legitimate interests of individuals in need of guardianship and custody is created, effective measures are implemented in their state support. A comprehensive normative-legal framework in the sphere of protection of children\'s interests without parental care is formulated, relationship in this sphere are regulated by Family, Civil codes, laws “On guarantees of the rights of the child”, “On prevention of child neglect and juvenile delinquency”, other legislative acts. At the same time, according to the party, there is need to organize, codify the legal norms governing the issues of guardianship and custody in special legislative act.

According to members of PDPU, the faction comprehensively studied considered draft laws on the basis of its party priorities. Their analysis reveals that one of the fundamental concepts and new regulations is the introduction of norms defining the basic concepts, directions of public policy, principles, objectives and powers of governmental bodies in the sphere of guardianship and custody.

The draft law proposes to clearly define the functions and tasks of guardianship and custody authorities in issues regarding the inclusion of children without parental care, disabled and persons with reduced mobility, as well as able-bodied persons in need of guardianship for health reasons. It is certain about the PDPU faction, create conditions for the effective organization of work on the device of all categories of persons in need of guardianship and custody, conduction its monitoring, getting complete and accurate information about children who find themselves in difficult situations, reduced mobility and disabled citizens, as well as elderly and other persons in need of assistance. All this, as noted at the meeting, fully meets the program objectives of PDPU and the interests of its electorate.

Its position on the draft law was designated by members of SDPU “Adolat” faction. In pre-election platform of the party it is clearly defined that for ensuring social justice in society, further support at a high level of protection of legitimate rights and interests of all citizens and improvement of existing legislation in accordance with the requirements and needs in society is important. In this regard, members of parliament from the party believe that these draft laws are the next step in this direction, as they have an important social value.

It is indicated that detailed procedure of appointing a guardian and trustee, that, according to SDPU “Adolat” is being set and will further strengthen the protection of the rights of children without parental care. In particular, before addressing the issue of their device to be raised in a family or social institutions, the institution of provisional guardianship and custody for a period of one month, which is widely used in the world practice is introduced.

It was emphasized that the adoption of the draft laws strengthens the legal guarantee of the wards, as they are entitled with the rights to the care of their content, education and health, receiving from the guardianship and custody authorities of information about their rights, etc. On the other hand, in order to increase the responsibility of guardians and trustees their rights and responsibilities is concretized. The legal mechanisms for the protection of property rights of beneficiaries, guardians and trustees are being also defines.

At the end of the discussion on these projects deputies from the party “Adolat” indicated that the adoption of these draft laws will further modernize the system of guardianship and custody, provide transparency and openness of their activities, which undoubtedly have a positive impact on the protection of the rights and interests of persons in need of social protection.

On the basis of expressed positions, parliamentarians conceptually supported in the first reading the draft law “On exchange activities”, “On guardianship and custody” and on introducing amendments and addenda to some legislative acts in connection with the adoption of the Law “On guardianship and custody”. On all the considered issues by the Legislative Chamber appropriate decisions were taken.

(Source: Information Service of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis)


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