July 23, 2013
The dream that came true
A bright outlook of countries around the world is presented to us by state symbols like the flag, coat of arms and anthem. In addition, the incomparable natural landscapes, ancient monuments, modern buildings, world-famous brands peculiar only to that very nation also can serve as distinctive business cards that tell you much about that given country.

Without any doubt, Uzbekistan boasts a hoard of all these natural and man-made goods. The picturesque nature unique to this land, the monuments of ancient architecture that came to epitomize the high intellect and the immense scientific and cultural legacy of our great forefathers, the magnificent buildings erected during independence years – all this fascinates everyone and stirs admiration. The soul gets overfilled with a sense of infinite pride from the fact that thanks to our independence, the world community gets to know of our country also by the means of national produce spread under the trademark “Made in Uzbekistan”. After all, when people create anything with their own hands, they certainly enjoy the end result, the fruits of their labor. And when their country starts to manufacture goods in great demand across the globe, they feel genuinely happy, while the sense of involvement in the achievements of their Motherland is reinforced in their consciousness.

Seventeen years ago, an automotive plant was launched in Uzbekistan, an event that filled the hearts of our compatriots with joy and pride. The establishment of a sector utterly novel to the nation, namely, the automotive industry, a business that requires introduction of the most cutting-edge technologies, the latest achievements of the scientific and technological progress, and a need for highly qualified specialists – constitutes a bright example of what colossal a transformation in the economic life of Uzbekistan our independence has opened the way for. Our country, which could not even dream of launching twenty two years ago an enterprise to manufacture even bicycles, has made such sweeping accomplishments within an extremely brief span of time! In as few as five years following independence, we began producing cars of our own. During the 19 July 1996 opening ceremony at the Asaka Automobile Plant, President Islam Karimov said in particular, “It seems I used to intimately ask myself very recently with a big hope hidden in my soul thus ‘After all, when will our people – the citizens of Uzbekistan, our Uzbek young men and women, who are not inferior to their fellows in advanced nations and regions – be able to drive and get a ride in such modern cars?’ Even five or three years ago, such dreams used to seem unreal and utopian for the citizens of our country, let alone the residents of other regions. It is even pleasant that today, with the divine help, our dazzling hopes and wills are turning into a genuine reality.”

At the beginning, there were those who doubted the viability of those dreams. The time itself has leveled the skeptics who used to say, “The cars produced by a people not capable of anything but growing cotton will not endure.” However, the life has proved the groundlessness of these words. The Uzbek autos have earned love of not merely our compatriots, but also that of foreign customers for their efficiency, comfort and safety. This is indicative also by the year-by-year mounting demand for them in the domestic and overseas markets.

The past years have become a period of formation and growth for our automotive industry. Today, cars and trucks, buses, specialized machinery, a wide range of spare parts are produced in the enterprises of GM Uzbekistan, SamAuto, JV MAN Auto-Uzbekistan, General Motors Powertrain Uzbekistan and other production lines established in cooperation with leading automobile manufacturers of the world, while thousands of our compatriots are employed at these enterprises. The market conditions require that models of automobiles produced be constantly refined and their quality uplifted. In the end, in an environment of harsh competition, it is quite tough to occupy a meaningful and solid position in the market of any country. If one fails to regularly modernize and perfect the produce and appeal to the customer interest, if one fails to conform to the demands of times, one can end up in the flanks of progress. Therefore, the auto manufacturers of our country, with an eye to the consumer demand, have been working continuously to refine the existing models and increase their range. Currently, the Malibu, Captiva, Lacetti, Cobalt, Nexia, Spark, Damas autos are being produced under the renowned Chevrolet brand at the GM Uzbekistan.

A few years ago, a colleague of ours shared his impressions following his business trip to Moscow. He told us with excitement how he was happy to spot cars made in Uzbekistan along with those from celebrated car manufacturers of the world in the streets of Moscow, and how his heart was overfilled with pride and admiration. Indeed, the Uzbek automobiles are assigned today a well-deserved place in the avenues of many major megalopolises around the globe.

The Uzavtosanoat stock company has been constantly engaged in efforts to further enhance the volumes and geography of exports. In excess of 250 dealers of Uzbekistan’s automotive industry are currently operating across CIS nations. The JV MAN Auto-Uzbekistan, the manufacturer of trucks and specialized machinery, has been trading its produce in countries like Russia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and Afghanistan.

High quality is instrumental in the mounting demand for Uzbek-made cars in the domestic market and abroad. In order to improve it further, consistent efforts are being undertaken to bolster the production systems and quality control procedures, and create enterprises to supply component parts, which has been yielding its fruits.

“The automobiles of Uzbekistan are appealing with their high quality, comfort and modern design,” says Tukhtasin Yulchiev, a car owner of twenty-five years’ experience. “I have been driving my Nexia for as long as ten years. I haven’t come across any breakdown, and this car is a true aide. The outside noise is inaudible in the cabin with closed windows; the car has an excellent dynamics, effortless driving, and you can ascend any rises with ease. It is quite good for urban driving as much as distant travels. Crucially, the car is made in our country. Many people remember well the times when cars used to be imported into Uzbekistan from outside, when people used to sign up in waiting lists only to endure years before they could buy a car. Today, domestically produced automobiles are there practically in every home. And you have an opportunity to choose a car of any variety and desired color.”

Important in the development of automotive industry and its manufacturing capacities is the expansion of production localization. This allows for steadfast development of the economy, creation of new jobs and introduction of new and more efficient technologies into production. This facilitates a more extensive use of local raw materials and production resources, stimulates the manufacturing of modern and competitive goods and saves currency owing to the reduction of imported spare parts.

To this end, the auto manufacturers of our country have been consistent in their drive for setting up production of many essential details for cars. Dozens of enterprises are operating to manufacture bumpers, automobile windows and seats, seat covers, paintwork materials, exhaust pipes and shockproof rails, fuel tanks, headlights and lighting equipment, harnesses, automobile electric wiring, storage batteries, wheel discs and chassis units, fuel pumps, generators and compressors. The enterprises within the Uzavtosanoat stock company system have established cooperation ties with more than 200 manufacturers of the country.

The institution of the enterprise General Motors Powertrain Uzbekistan to produce power aggregates for cars has come to epitomize a new phase in the evolution of domestic auto industry. Such unique and hi-tech production premise exists only in a handful of nations around the world. This joint venture manufactures new generation engines of 1.2 and 1.5 liters of volume. As a result of the installment of domestically made engines in GM Uzbekistan cars, the share of localization in the added value of the produce has reached 82 percent.

Independence is first and foremost a right to choose one’s own path of development and make use of the outcomes of one’s own labor. The achievement of this right has opened up extensive opportunities for the growth in the self-consciousness, for the mobilization of creative and intellectual potential of the people, of the riches of our generous and blessed land on the way to our great goals, including the prosperity of Motherland and the construction of a life not inferior to anyone’s in anything. Following the attainment of independence under the leadership of President Islam Karimov, a foundation was laid in Uzbekistan for this brief period of time for an automotive industry that has been advancing with steady pace, while the domestically made cars that produce convenience and comfort for our compatriots and millions of customers abroad are a bright indication of the realization of this sacred right – a cherished ages-old dream of our nation. (Source: Uzbekistan National Agency “UzA”)


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