November 13, 2012
Development Rates: Exports increase by 12.4%
In Uzbekistan, for the first nine months of 2012, the total volume of investment in fixed assets exceeded 15.3b soums and rose by 9.8%.

The volume of foreign investments and loans amounted to US$2b.

Measures to stimulate investment activity of business entities and the public have contributed to growth in investments from its own funds of enterprises – for 10.3%, the population’s funds – for 23.6%. According to experts, accelerating the implementation of major strategic industrial and infrastructure projects was supported by the 1.5 times growth of funding from the Fund for Reconstruction and Development of Uzbekistan.

As a result, in 9 months 106 investment projects were implemented, including the construction of a mixture of UDP propane-butane Shurtanneftegas (5th place), construction gas-booster compressor station at the Navoi thermal power plants, production of silicon in the Navoi region (I stage ), the expansion and reconstruction of the Kalmakir mine, expansion, technical and technological re-equipment of heap leaching plant at Navoi MMC (I stage), creation of a new complex for production of vehicles and components in the Samarkand region (II stage - assembly plants), production an LCD TVs by JV White Machine Technology, reconstruction of the passenger terminal of the airport in Navoi, and a number of other projects.

In the framework of regional development programs building materials 155 new industries were introduced, using local raw materials and components, including the production of 45,000 cubic meters of modern foam products in Andijon, Qashqadaryo and Sirdaryo regions, 72,000 square meters of laminate and MDF in Tashkent area, 50 thousand tons of cement in the Fergana region, 2 million square feet of drywall, 70,000 panels and 64,000 square meters of modern floor coverings in Tashkent, 19 brick production capacity of 102.3 million. In addition, 22 enterprises for the production of baked bricks, including 14 transferred to the use of coal as the main fuel, were modernized.

Since the beginning of this year, the country commissioned 882 production facilities, including light industry and textile industry (337 facilities), food (234), in the building materials industry (189), timber (46), engineering (14), the chemical industry (16) and other sectors (46).

During the first 9 months of this year, within 11 newly commissioned enterprises in the Navoi FIEZ, production totaled 47.7 billion soums. In addition, in the Navoi FIEZ seven new investment projects are being implemented, of which on three projects building and assembly works are carried out. Also eight investment projects worth US$185.8m are launched in the newly created Angren SIZ.

Additional measures to stimulate the expansion of the export potential of the economy and regions of the country contributed to the export growth of 12.4% compared to the same period of last year. This can significantly increase the physical volume of exports of ammonium sulfate, potassium chloride, heating oil, electricity, copper and its products, tungsten, cars and trucks, cotton and others. Additionally, export supplies of new products have been started, such as trucks different sets, trucks, ditchers, seats and other accessories for cars, domestic gas and electric stoves and ovens, sanitary ware, kitchen hoods, enameled wire, metal tubular mesh, various kinds of chemical products and fertilizers, more than 15 new jerseys and others. (Source: Uzbekistan Today newspaper)


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